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  8. The Off PC Topic Suddenly Disappears Here at WF Should Make ANYONE WONDER ABOUT... WHY??? As a Primarily But Not Exclusive Only To PC Forum WE also have had an Open Forums on APPLE/MAC as well as all other Portable Hand Held technologies and even VAPING Recently added as another section HERE AT WF to Suddenly Vanish Without A Trace??? I as the present Administrator have to ISSUE THIS WARNING that a Possible Hack of WF or UNANNOUNCED Decision by the owner has taken place and ALL MEMBERS NOW are being Forewarned to Take Notice that something has come up not even previously discussed amongst all WF Staff about any changes! Meanwhile sit back and watch..... It's a Great Reflection of how even the Best in Their Respective Fields have been treated like F GARBOLA!!! Sorry Benna But Due TO YOUR LACK OF Any Prompt Response YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE OF MY RESIGNATION! IS THAT CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD??? ALL TRACES Of Activities here will be deleted! You Are On Notice! The MEMBERS SPEAK EASY DISAPPEARS WITHOUT ANY DISCUSSION! YOU NEVER TAKING AN ACTIVE INTEREST IN WF as well as other matters CAN ONLY FORCE ONE DECISION WITHOUT QUESTION!
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  10. HELLO!!! WE HAVE A SITUATION THAT NEEDS EITHER IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OR RECOVERY!!! A pm has already been sent outlining the details of a Now Found Missing Section at WF! Explanation or Investigation into problem required!

  11. I see so what I can do right now would be mostly for Windows 10 note while the first place for a free app is found at the MS online store called the Convert Text to Speech app. The page there has the details as well as general description and besides system requirements some screenshots to look over. The second place that comes up right not being one of several How To Do guides but a freeware site with 5 different apps can be looked over at: 5 TEXT TO SPEECH SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 10 which were written for 10 however unlike the first for 8.1 and 10 PC, 8.1 and 10 Phone, Xbox One, and Windows Holographic.
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  13. That doesn't really help. I'm not looking for anything mac-specific, I'm looking for a (presumably third-party) program that do for me what mac did natively. And that iirc is read any highlighted text regardless of what program the text appears in. Ideally this could be done with a keyboard shortcut, but I'd settled for right click and select the option. No knowledge of mac is needed to know if something like that exists for windows.
  14. FIRST OFF! RS!3 MS KNOWS EVERYTHING! Are you getting the better picture? You went from Apple/Mac Proprietary driven OS only allowing certain Apple software nonsense I have avoided for so long now But Still have to put up with... Bill Gates MS! You made a Major Change in OSs and are now running into how each OS does things differently from the other! The Best Person I can point you as far as Apple/Mac goes would be .Benna since he is an IT and Mac Specialist as far as explaining all of the Mac features compared to the MS Windows types of features in the various versions. The Narrator by the way is a much more recent Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and now 10 feature that wasn't seen in 3x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP versions of the Operating System. Since I have never run Apple or Mac systems personally but specialized mostly in MS OSed based systems I will need to consult not with a former supervisor from WF but another outside source for the best possible answer while at the exact same time I can suggest the Help files with question mark seen on every Windows Explorer type window to look at the help files included in the OS itself. Note I will have to point you to an external source found on the web regarding Voice to Text in Windows found at: The link there while still being 3rd party and not any MS TechNet or other page may be the help you need. Sometimes "Outside" sources are able to provide a bit more details to what you are looking for. And I will only ask another thing about this topic and that would do not hesitate at all to get back in here and let everyone know if you do see progress from the information provided. You might just be able to help who knows how many others solve a rather basic problem by you having made the inquiry to start with! This is what Forums should be about and why you are always welcome back here at WF! Understood?! :D RS13 RS13
  15. With the Registry itself you simply will not be able to find a "FIX ALL IN ONE SHOT" type of solution! And it will not make one difference of which version of Windows you are running going all the way to the 3x, 9x Fat dominated platform either. The registry itself is a "Multitude of Branch offs" where each "HIVE" as the common term is applied goes is separate. The System Registry has too many divisions for any one "ONE CURES ALL" type of solution and that is why each individual value has to be looked at separately! I know you were looking for the one fixes all solution BUT it does not exist! We have to take a look at each individual reg value and see what was changed as well as how to use things like the System Restore feature when possible to restore the entire registry back to what it was on a previous date. I can only say that MS did look at many things and finally after XP came up with.. The "System Restoration" feature first seen in Vista and onto Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10. If you have a "Specific" registry value that needs changing back to the default that is never a problem by simply taking a look at the registry of Any machine that was never touched to see where the change was made. Windows does have the option of downloading and sharing the full content of the registry in it's present state by first backing the registry up and saving the backup as a file. You can then take the file and see it uploaded. The recommendations for what would need to be changed if no longer having any system restore points available could then be posted in replies.
  16. Hi, I recently made the switch from Mac to Windows. The one feature I really miss from Mac is the ability to highlight text in any program, hit a shortcut and have it read to you. I know various programs have their own text-to-speech options, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that could do this for any text in any program. Thanks. *And yes, I know microsoft narrator is a thing, but it reads EVERYTHING: the name of the window you're in, every command you enter and much more.
  17. I wasn't asking about how to undo a specific registry edit, but how to undo them in general. Obviously, I had a specific issue in mind, but I've got that sorted.
  18. "...dword and value to the registry." Welcome to WF! RS13 by the way but.... "...dword and value to the registry." is corrected by "DWord Value added to the System Registry". "DWord" is the correct terminology there! Now the question I am required to ask here is... "Which DWord registry value are you looking to delete?"??? Simply going into..??? Which OS to delete.. ? What Now? Without any bearings cannot make any sense! A More "Specific" refenence of just what you are trying or would be trying to accomplish with a "System Registry Edit" is what will be needed. I'm sorry but you're post here lacks detail as far as the question you are trying to ask and will require some additional details as to what you are looking to accomplish! If you made an edit and now regret a mistake further explanation on just what you were trying to edit....? would be a possible large factor in finding a solution to what you are asking about.
  19. I have a problem and I've been told I can fix this by adding a dword and value to the registry. I'm hesitant to do this unless I know I can undo it in case it doesn't work. Would I need to do anything more than simply delete the added dword? If so, can you say what our does it vary depending on what is being altered? Thanks
  20. You are certainly most welcome! themaclean You may this very useful not only for your own personal system but it can also be used as a live tool for other 10 systems as well. A good description for all of this along with a few illustrations can be looked over at: The site there offers it's own form of freeware recovery tool creator. The MS page for the various Recovery options in 10 can be browed through over several links to other pages from one page found at:
  21. Thanks for the explanation. I made a repair disk with Ultimate Boot CD and it works quite well.
  22. Welcome to WF! themaclean That's a good question as well as offer the opening to explain that while booting separately from live media either optical or usb you have many tools mainly intended to discover and repair some type of problem preventing Windows from running normally. There is however a catch to all being not only are there repair tools but command options as well such being able to reformat, repartition, even wipe everything while the main intent will generally only effect the operating system's file not your personal files, programs, etc. Any changes to the hard drive of course would be from one example the use of the manual command prompt type DiskPart tool at the command prompt while being booted live from removable media. Before ever deciding it would be much easier if the worst situation of not being able to get Windows back in working due to a complicated mess perhaps manual backups made from the drive would be the advice provided. Other backup options seen to ahead of time can even be a much better life saver in the sense that a full system image backup made of the drive during a time when everything is working at it's best could be restored if something major should come where the OS is out for good from problems being too extensive. The advantage of having a rather basic and not to hard to use set of live repair tools is to be able to fix more or less the minor kinds of problems before the need to see a fresh copy of Windows go on with the need to start all over fresh if not an Upgrade to Repair type of installation if you don't have a system image backup made. That is where you could lose personal things. themacl
  23. This recovery disk will keep all the staff on the computer?
  24. I have no further questions, and I'm sure this will help anyone with the same problem.
  25. Well that is an option as well. Here I run with both 7 and 10 on custom builds testing newer builds on the second test machine at times. So far other then that usb WiFi adapter not seeing anything past 7 for support and 10 requiring hard wired connections for the time being that second desktop originally set up as a portable desktop simply sits there in one place rather then being mobile from one room to another due to the need for a new WiFi adapter as well as likely requiring a new router as well to match things up. To solve a portability problem I first ended up buying a 7 laptop upgraded later to 10 and when the display failed possibly back light went out I ended up replacing that a year ago with a then brand new 10 laptop which can go anywhere where you can get free WiFi that is. There are the likes and dislikes obviously when trying to compare the different versions of Windows as well as OSs in general. You simply have to make the decision that suits your needs the best. 7 will still be seeing support until 2020 so you don't have to panic about losing that right away. Should I mark this thread solved? Or would you rather it be kept open for any further questions?
  26. Instead of going out to buy a new card, (I am always short on money myself.) I decided it would be a great idea to just install Win7 instead of Win10. I did it for a whole day, but now it works! Totally worth the effort.
  27. And one more link to add is a much more common place most will recognize quickly for pc components being Newegg. Whenever I needed parts for a new custom build or wanted to upgrade any network type gear that would be the first stop. Filtering out Windows 8 and other older adapters to focus strictly on Windows 10 with the list showing backwards to XP, Vista, 7, 8 32/64 support on most of the 14 PCIe type adapters found at: 600014297&isNodeId=1
  28. Have you looked up the manufacturer's support site at all? If the model information and number match was is seen on the Amazon link here you picked an older adapter that lacks updated drivers for Windows 8.1/10 only seeing XP, Vista, 7, and 8 not 8.1 which would usually work out on 10 being the immediately seen previous version. Rosewill has their own driver detection tool you could try and see if that finds a set that works? The download link for that as well as the driver sets available three zip files don't include a "VT 3" version since V1 shows an unspecified and XP, Vista, 7 32/64bit, and a V2 for W8. Now there are a few things you can try in additional to running the tool which are found in the Control Panel under the Network & Sharing section as well as using the manual command line option in an elevated command prompt windows in order to 1) type the command "IPCONFIG /ALL" not requited to be in upper or lower case there. 2) after hitting enter for the first command the information comes up full on how things are configured. You then type the "IPCONFIG /RELEASE" command to release the existing IP configuration which isn't working. 3) lastly you have the third command of either "IPCONFIG /RENEW" or going with the "IPCONFIG /DNSFLUSH" command to clear out the existing DNS cache which can often hold things up! You can look all those over at the MS Technet library page for this: As for the CP>Network & Sharing in 10 as well as going back to 7 one thing done here often between both a desktop on the 7 side of the dual with 10 where a usb WiFi adapter allows 7 to connect through an additional Cisco Linksys router but no drivers for 8 or newer leaving the Cat 5 ethernet hardwired set up for 10 you would take a look under the Advanced sharing settings sub section there and see if the "Turn on network discovery" is set to on not the off and you may have to op for the "Turn off files and printer sharing" for the time being if that is found on. You may find that the"Turn on password protected sharing" option will need to on as well since you are on a home network not an isolated stand alone hardwired direct to the modem or modem/router combo depending how you are set up. One thing I should add in here is the possible need to simply replace that particular adapter and go with one that does indicate support for W10. At Amazon I filtered all the used and non 10 capable items you can refer if needed.
  29. I am currently uding only Win10. I have looked up many websites on my phone, and followed each of them to no result. I personally think it has something to do with the PCI Simple Communications Controler.
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