Security Matters - Discussions, Support , References

The main purpose for this section is to offer support as well as advice on the various security issues and problems that can arise as well as discussions on things such as how to enhance system security and how to avoid malwares in general. If you are having a specific problem and need help this is place to ask for it.


  1. Security News, Articles, and Guides

    Under the Security catagory we have this sub forum reserved for the various news services and guides about security news and How Tos as far as how to enhance system security. The news reports, articles, and guides posted here will apply to not only desktop, laptop, tablet pc but mobile devices as well. We want to insure coverage of all the bases as far as hardware platforms as well as software security matters.

  2. Security Matters Count - Support and Discussions

    Help and general support will be offered in this sub section as well as this being the place for open discussions on the various security issues that arise for all platforms both hardware and software. With the persistence of new malwares of all types for mobile as well as pc WF simply wouldn't be complete without a place to offer what support we can as well as have a place for the community in general to discuss these type of topics.