General Computing


  1. General Hardware Support

    Want to build your own PC, modify your current one, hardware, dual boot issue or overclock your CPU?
    Discuss and get the help you need here.

  2. General Software Support

    General Help and Support for Softwares in General. This section also includes sub forum for various programs found and available for download.

  3. Software Support for Microsoft Products

    This forum is reserved for the general help and support topics specific to any of the many Microsoft Products such as MS Office, Word, Excell, Windows Live Essentials, etc. and other software products other then the Windows Operating System itself covered in other sub forums here at WF.

  4. Virtualization

    This is the section for news and discusions on on Virtual Machines also referred commonly to as "VM"s. With the increased volume of users for both running various OSs on VMs as well as Microsoft bringing in the "Virtual Desktop" feature now seen in the latest Windows 10 version the need for this additional sub forum made sense to offer support and news as things move along.

  5. Software Crash BSOD - Hardware Fail Support Section

    This new sub forum will be "reserved" for solving as well as providing solutions to more complex situations that may involve Software(s), Hardware(s), or both categories where advanced experienced type of help is required. This is not a discussion area for minor issues for which the other separate Software- MS, Softwares and Hardware support sections are intended for.

    At times WF may seek help from outside sources in order to bring in the advanced expertise offered by one of the affiliate type interests. Eventually this section may see a regular WF crash specialist put in charge.

  6. Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Netbooks and Handhelds

    General support section for the "Portable PC" platform such as laptops, Tablets, Tablet PC, Netbooks, Thinkpads, etc.

  7. Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile

    This section is reserved for and features discussions and support for MS devices like Surface, Surface Pro, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile.

  8. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Andriod Devices, FireOS

    This section is reserved for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch devices, Android, and other hand held smart phones other then Windows Phone or Windows Mobile but using the UNIX platform such as FireOS and Google's Android.

  9. Peripherals and Accessories

    Need help picking out a new... Well there are all kinds of peripheral input and other devices besids keyboards, mice, combinations, wireless models, modems, nic cards. mouse pads, etc. where sometimes you might get a bit confused on which will work out the best or what's new?! This is why this section is here to ask for help or make observations, post reviews on things, etc.

  10. Buying Tips & Advice

    Planning on buying or even building a new pc  and need help? That's what this section is all about so ask away! One thing we try to do here at WF is help people not only find the hardwares they are looking for as well as making some recommendations at times but find some of the best deals from well established legitimate vendors on the web.

  11. General Computing Archive

    Topics no longer active can be saved in this section for future reference. All new support requests for same or similar topics should see new threads started where support can be offered.