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    • Attention All New Arrivals Please Introduce Yourself to the Community!   11/08/2015

      This is just a reminder notice for all members including those new arrivals who may not know where to begin? After some reconstruction, reorganization of things to make it easier for members to find things naturally things are looking quite well and in behalf of the entire WF community as a whole we want a chance to welcome all new arrivals. Please stop by the Brand New "WF WELCOME THREAD" Is Now Open! and give us a shout!   We also have another completely new section as well available to all members regarding any suggestions or bug reports as part of the WF Feedback. You can submit any suggestion, observations for improvement, etc. as well as report any problems posting new threads or replying to any you have at WF FEEDBACK: Don't Hesitate to Mention Anything! We want to hear from YOU!
    • Windows Insider Program members and Every New Upgrade!   11/11/2015

      The news is out for those who signed up to receive Insider Preview builds being an option found in the Windows 10 Start menu>Settings>UPDATE & SECURITY>Advanced options area. Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Threshold 2 to Slow Ring Users, ISOs to Follow Soon is the Softpedia report seen at http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-releases-windows-10-threshold-2-to-slow-ring-users-isos-to-follow-soon-495944.shtml You will notice the "lack of" the usual evaluation build number type watermark as this is the Threshold 2 build intended for general release very soon for those just now either receiving notice that their reserved copy of 10 is ready to go on or when going  to use the Media Creation tool MS has provided where you can upgrade on the sport, see a USB Installation Key made up with a 4gb or larger flash drive depending on which selection as well as edition as the 32bit/64bit Combination will require a 6gb or larger flash drive and be too larger over 5.5gb actually in size to burn to dvd-r type optical media. But you can also save the "Windows.iso" download to a folder of choice on your local drive when skipping past the two media creation options to select the folder. UPDATE: As of today the WIndows Blog report was seen announcing that the first major update would now be included in the Free Upgrade Offer for Windows 10. The Windows Blog page can be seen at  First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today To add further here the Media Creation tool first seen for upgrading to 10, creating the media either being the USB Installation Key using a large enough flash drive, burning the download to a blank dvd-r disk, or even saving the "Windows.iso" file to a folder on the drive where you can simply right click on the download to see it mounted to perform the upgrade install, or saving it to see put to use later for a clean install was first seen with the 32bit and 64bit links, Presently you see only one at this time and no longer see the first options as those have changed as well from: Home, Home N, Pro, Pro N, Single language version(English-US-32bit Home edition only) The "N" represents the less featured more or less developer form of 10 you can only upgrade to by having the N seen on the previous version of Windows as well as such 7 Home Premium N or 7 Pro N where the upgrade path will be correct. Presently you now see: Windows 10, WIndows 10 N, Single language version  the Single language version still being the limited 32bit Home edition there. The updated tool include; the following rather then picking and choosing Home or Pro 32bit or 64bit Dual 32/64 for Home only or Pro only you now see both editions in both flavors when going to perform a clean install as the updated 4 in 1 media. When going to upgrade over the 10240 general RTM release seen in July 29th to the Threshold 2 build being equal to the Windows Insider Preview 10586.3 version 1511 build the 10 installer will automatically upgrade  the Home or Pro installation automatically to the Home or Pro TH2 in the same 32bit or 64bit form. So no worry about seeing the 32bit TH2 replace the 64bit install you have on or would have on as far as any previous version's installation if you are just now contemplating the upgrade. Another found on the Get Windows 10 pages at the Windows site would the "GetWindows10-sds_________.exe" tool for the automatic upgrade. That will immediately download and install the present build now see as an upgrade type install not having any other options. Presently following the November 11, 2015 Threshold 2 version 1511 build 10586 update the latest Windows Insider Preview build seen at the moment is the 11092 build has been out now for a year(in time for the New Year that is!) and two weeks time. Well the last build just made available at the end of last week is the 14291 Insider Preview with a particular change. The Edge browser now has some new extensions. Since the browser is still relatively brand new in that sense you can expect to be hearing about more changes in the next few months.


    1. Windows Insider Program- MS TechNet- MS Connect

      This new section is reserved for those topics regarding MS TechNet and/or MS Connect evaluations of upcoming program releases as well as topics involving the Windows Insider Program's developer builds. Subjects may include Windows 8.1 and 10 Insider builds.For General Support and Help regarding RTM or Released To Manufacturing versions of Windows refer to the other appropiate sub forum for that particular version since this area is reserved for evalution builds only.

    2. Windows 10

      General Support and Discussion section for Windows 10 related topics.

    3. Windows 8 and 8.1

      General Help and Support Combined section for Windows 8 and 8.1 related topics.

    4. Windows 7

      General Support and Discussion section for Windows 7 related topics.

    5. Windows Server Systems -Home Networks

      Discussions and Member provided support and instruction for setting up home servers, home networks, both hard wired and WiFi types. This sub is the general support area for these types of topics.

    6. Windows Guides, Tips, & Tweaks

      Post your best guides, tips and tweaks for your favorite version of Windows in here.

    7. Windows Legacy

      To make the site more user friendly, we've moved all the discussion related to the older versions of Windows to this section. You may talk about older versions of Windows such as the 2000, 98, 95 etc.. here.

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    1. General Hardware Support

      Want to build your own PC, modify your current one, hardware, dual boot issue or overclock your CPU?
      Discuss and get the help you need here.

    2. General Software Support

      General Help and Support for Softwares in General. This section also includes sub forum for various programs found and available for download.

    3. Software Support for Microsoft Products

      This forum is reserved for the general help and support topics specific to any of the many Microsoft Products such as MS Office, Word, Excell, Windows Live Essentials, etc. and other software products other then the Windows Operating System itself covered in other sub forums here at WF.

    4. Virtualization

      This is the section for news and discusions on on Virtual Machines also referred commonly to as "VM"s. With the increased volume of users for both running various OSs on VMs as well as Microsoft bringing in the "Virtual Desktop" feature now seen in the latest Windows 10 version the need for this additional sub forum made sense to offer support and news as things move along.

    5. Software Crash BSOD - Hardware Fail Support Section

      This new sub forum will be "reserved" for solving as well as providing solutions to more complex situations that may involve Software(s), Hardware(s), or both categories where advanced experienced type of help is required. This is not a discussion area for minor issues for which the other separate Software- MS, Softwares and Hardware support sections are intended for.

      At times WF may seek help from outside sources in order to bring in the advanced expertise offered by one of the affiliate type interests. Eventually this section may see a regular WF crash specialist put in charge.

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    6. Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Netbooks and Handhelds

      General support section for the "Portable PC" platform such as laptops, Tablets, Tablet PC, Netbooks, Thinkpads, etc.

    7. Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile

      This section is reserved for and features discussions and support for MS devices like Surface, Surface Pro, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile.

    8. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Andriod Devices, FireOS

      This section is reserved for IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch devices, Android, and other hand held smart phones other then Windows Phone or Windows Mobile but using the UNIX platform such as FireOS and Google's Android.

    9. Peripherals and Accessories

      Need help picking out a new... Well there are all kinds of peripheral input and other devices besids keyboards, mice, combinations, wireless models, modems, nic cards. mouse pads, etc. where sometimes you might get a bit confused on which will work out the best or what's new?! This is why this section is here to ask for help or make observations, post reviews on things, etc.

    10. Buying Tips & Advice

      Planning on buying or even building a new pc  and need help? That's what this section is all about so ask away! One thing we try to do here at WF is help people not only find the hardwares they are looking for as well as making some recommendations at times but find some of the best deals from well established legitimate vendors on the web.

    11. General Computing Archive

      Topics no longer active can be saved in this section for future reference. All new support requests for same or similar topics should see new threads started where support can be offered.

    1. Security News, Articles, and Guides

      Under the Security catagory we have this sub forum reserved for the various news services and guides about security news and How Tos as far as how to enhance system security. The news reports, articles, and guides posted here will apply to not only desktop, laptop, tablet pc but mobile devices as well. We want to insure coverage of all the bases as far as hardware platforms as well as software security matters.

    2. Security Matters Count - Support and Discussions

      Help and general support will be offered in this sub section as well as this being the place for open discussions on the various security issues that arise for all platforms both hardware and software. With the persistence of new malwares of all types for mobile as well as pc WF simply wouldn't be complete without a place to offer what support we can as well as have a place for the community in general to discuss these type of topics.

    1. Linux News & Blogs

      This section is reserved for News, Blogs, and Announcements from the Open Source community regarding the Linux OS.

    2. Guides, Tips and Tweaks

      This section is reserved for Tips & Guides related to how to operate and tweak the Linux Operating System.

    3. General Discussions and Support

      Like with any other OS sometimes help is needed. This sub section is intended for the typical general discussion topics as well as support for anyone needing assistance with one of the Open Source OSs. This sub forum is intended to cover all of the endless flavors of Linux rather then seeing all kinds of divisions.

      Eventually there may separate pinned topics regarding specific releases such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian notices or updates on releases while most of that would fall under the Guides, Tips, and Tweaks category.

    1. MAC Users and News

      General Discussion and Support forum for Mac user as well as news and information.

    2. Mac Hardware

      Discussion and support section for Mac hardware related topics.

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    1. Web Design, Developement and Programming

      Discuss how you make your own programs and softwares in various programming languages, C#, C++, JAVA, VB, .NET or Want to set up your own blog? Are you a web designer or currently developing a new website? Discuss about ideas, thoughts and concepts related to building a new website here.

    2. Art & Graphics

      Discuss and show off your graphic and design skills here, you can also
      post any Tips/Tutorials

    3. Photography

      Have some photo's to share, post them here.
      Cars, Boats, Nature, Friends, whatever you enjoy taking pictures of.
      Have fun and remember to abide by the Community Rules and please keep it clean.

    4. Mac & PC Games

      General Discussion area for PC and MAC gaming. Feel free to discuss your favorites both online, single or multiplayer, stand alone off line. etc.

    1. General News

      Latest News and Updates from the Tech community.

    2. General Discussions

      Anything off-topic goes, including jokes, funny stuff, etc:
      Keep it clean and Respectful.

    3. WF Games

      Have a game for the members to play, post it here and enjoy.
      Remember to play nice.

    4. VAPING -ECIGS-MODS-Discussion & Support

      Hello everyone WF has a new section for discussion and news on the endless variety of topics surrounding Vaping. Here feel free to ask for help as well as start new topics regarding the use and purpose of electronic cigarettes known as e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, mods, APVs, etc.
      A separate sub section is available for vaping news and references.