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  1. It doesnt matter what kind of site it is. A lot of sites are taking advantage of the jump lists in Windows 7. Just have a look: Your right. Its still a Beta, but wouldnt it be smart as a site focused on Windows to take advantage of those said technologies and test it and see if it works. If it doesn't submit the problem in to Microsoft. After all, thats the point of a beta. The said options on the site will still be there, but it doesnt hurt to have them in a internet Explorer Jump list. Even more quick access. Plus think of what you can do with it with this so called "new site" your coming up with. and it will work well if you know what your doing. A have a few pinned sites and the jump list options all seem to work just fine.
  2. but its better then creating a whole new topic. As for then icon. I think it may be by design, otherwise the text will overlap on those moudlies,
  3. Its more then just icons Here is what Neowin did. As you can see you can have jump lists with links to certain places on the site.
  4. The site runs fine on my end/
  5. Why don't you take avantage of IE9 and have the jump lists and favicon so we can pin this site to the Windows 7 taskbar
  6. Sounds like you addently dragged it to "two lines" and locked it. Right click, select "lock Taskbar" and then drag the taskbar down to "one line".
  7. I think they should really focus on the site, to get it back up and running before adding unnecessary add ons.
  8. It all depends on how the site is run. This site has a front page but its not the main focal point and its dooing poorly (active content wise)
  9. Why not have the best of both worlds? Plus there is a thing called a hotlink. Just have the theme on the front page include an image link to the forums. Nothing would be hidden if its done right.
  10. What about something that does not have the "forums" in it. Get a front page that uses Wordpress and dish out articles, tips and tricks on there with links to the forums and even links to the post discussion pages. Just have a name thats short and sweet. No long names.
  11. Like I said, next time you run firefox 4 beta 3 it will prompt for an update. Sometimes you dont need a source since it was more like a tip. Plus it wasn't really a "news" post anyway since I didn't hear anything.
  12. i never had a problem with iTunes and if there really was one I'm sure Apple would have created a fix by now. Even though I have 8GB of ram, its still a resource hog and I hope to see a new 64bit rewriten itunes this year.
  13. The poing of this post is to let people know the beta 4 was made live.
  14. While nothing is official at the time of this posting if you use firefox 4 BETA 3, the next time you run Firefox you will be promopted to update. While it seems nothing major has happen one feature they seem to have added is a way you can group your tabs. This had been discussed in a prevous press realse and is now finally in the beta to for an early first look.
  15. Well I used to be a big IE fan and used to bash those who use firefox. but I finally saw the light haha. I rarly use IE anymore.