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  1. Hi there! I would like to know if You're experienced in writin preview handlers. Well, I need a Windows Journal one and I can't find it anywhere. Tell me if You know where to get it or if You could write something like that.

  2. Huh? In any case 90% of the current tweaks work just fine under W7. Im in the process of doing a UI update. The current one has the Office 2007 theme and I am working on a Win Live/Win7 theme. Similar to Office 2010. Still I must say that there dosent seem like much interest in this tool. But we'll see what happens going forward.
  3. Thanks for the 411. I used the API pack to create 7Cleaner (added jumplist support). Im kinda excited to see whats new in terms of sample code.
  4. Sorry guys. I gave up after no solutions worked so I restored a drive image and all is well. Best guess I have is that CCleaner removed a log file. Since then I have stoped clearing IIS Log files in CC and all is well.
  5. Try this... In Outlook go to Tools, Options, Email options. In the section 'When forwarding a message' select an option other than 'attach message'.
  6. Great! Im gonna check it out this weekend
  7. Thanks guys. When I try to execute RACAgent from the command prompt it tells me its an unrecognized command. I see in my sys32 folder that I dont have an RACAgent.exe Can you guys confirm if this file should exist in W7?
  8. Im having a really tough to TS problem with the reliability monitor. For the last week, it no longer displays any data and the graph dosent render. It just display as blank with no data. Some things to note... 1. The RAC published and State data are being updated and published each day as they shouold. So the data does exist. 2. I have tried the "Resetting RAC" methods that worked for Vista. But the fix dosent work for W7. 3. I cant think of anything that may have changed. I havent deleted any folders or log files. 4. I've used Process Monitor to trace the events when the reliability monitor executes and everything looks fine. 5. There are no errors or warnings in the event viewer. 6. I havent installed any Windows Updates. So Im hoping that someone can think of something I am missing here. Oddly it used to work for some time and i ran it each day. Then all of a sudden one day it just stopped. Could this be a permission issue possibly? I do recall changing permissions for C:\Users\Me\AppData. Are there any folders or logs within that path that might affect RAC? Are there any services that are required for RAC to collect and render data? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for posting the info! After you get the exe's please post them over here (if you dont mind that is). Im sure there are many users who could use this.
  10. Im running x86 but the problem/fix would be the same for x64 as well. I dont supect most people would run into the problem. But some where along the way of storing my MP3's on a separate partition and installing W7 I lost the index attribute on numerous files. It may have even happened when I was running Vista. I could also see this problem happening when adding folders to the pictures and video libraries. If the files dont have the index attribute, the arrange+stack feature becomes nonfunctional.
  11. Recently I had the problem when viewing the music labrary and choosing 'Arrange' by to show MP3's is stacks, they wouldnt display! The files need to be indexed in order to display. Here is a simple fix. Open a command prompt and enter the following replacing the sample path below... attrib "D:\My Music Files\*.mp3" -i Screenshot before... Here is the music lib. after changing the file attributes of the mp3's...
  12. Thanks for that. Some great info there. I forgot about saved searches and that should help some what after I create several generic ones. At least ease some of my pain.
  13. Right. No matter how I access search though I am still missing the old UI from Vista. Soem how it worked more efficiently for me. As opposed to adding/typing filters etc.
  14. Here are some screenshots... Opening WS via F3 Select a filter to begin (or enter the text to search for) After the search has begun you have a few more options to customize the search. Im not sure why the advanced search options were placed at the bottom of the results list. You have to scroll to the end ( or END key) to reach those options. That can be a small pain when the list keeps filling with results and you have to keep scrolling to get back to it lol
  15. Is anyone else missing the advanced search options present in Vista but removed from 7? Im having a hard time in 7 using queries in the search box. Even with the quick filters, it takes me minutes to set up my parameters. I have 3 MS Word pages of possible queries and search types. If I want to find tagged WMV's created in the last 6 months thats a 10 minute ordeal for me. If I want to scale results using a size range or location, well. I dont have the patience. Is anyone else feeling like WS functionality has become restrictive or too taxing? On a side note I love the highlighting feature. Maybe this thread might be a good place to post some WS tips.