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    Name Your Favorire AV Program and Share the Experience!
    One thing I have heard often is people argue over which Antivirus, Malware remover, or Firewall program they view as the best. This thread however is not to discriminate against any brand but to simply have you name the type(s) of system security you run including brand of software(s) and allow you to share your own personal experiences with them. This will allow you to explain why you may favor one program over another.
    The WF community would like to hear your thoughts about programs like these and how you arrived at the conclusion they are the best for you. This is a survey type discussion not a place for bashing note!
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  3. Night Hawk added a topic in General News   

    Survey: Is artificial intelligence the future of IT?
    see full report
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    Some History and Why There is Opposition to E-Cigs
    First off we will only go into a few items to note about electronic cigarettes, their origin, and who decided to start manufacturing them actually decades after the concept was first introduced. As we start the first item of interest would be an interview with the inventor of the 1960s form of nicotine delivery system which produced vapor although rather a crude form by the present market and never released to manufacturing.  An Interview with the Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette, Herbert A Gilbert
    Decades past by before someone a manufacturer in China made the decision to produce an updated form of "E-Cig" as they are now commonly referred to. The updated form took on the look of a regular tobacco product but in many cases saw an amber, red, or even blue color led light up at the end. And here's where things started to get more interesting. Following the 2008 elections in the US the Obama administration being focused on a new health care prompted the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) to investigate a recently brand new product coming in from China mainly and found in 2006-08 in specialty shops and at shopping malls but not yet anywhere. Once the FDA got involved something came up!

    Now many have wondered why and still do wonder why ecigs are catagorized as tobacco products when in fact there are no tobacco ingredients in them. Nicotine while found in tobacco naturally is also found in Eggplant, garden variety tomatoes, and other vegetables like potatoes and green peppers(better not have any more pizza!). It's also found in the leaves of coca plants. While it is a natural toxin in large amounts we have consumed it in our diets and smokers have inhaled it in small quantities only. The effects in most cases are similar to what caffeine is to coffees or teas that contain it as more or less an adrenaline boost. "Got to have that Java first thing in the morning" type feeling.
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  6. Night Hawk added a topic in Community Discussion   

    WF FORUM RECONSTRUCTION - Please Be Patient!
    Periodically some updates have to be applied as well as an overall update of things in general such as the various sections due to new or recently new platforms of hardwares as well as the continuing volume of other things. At present since the forums are still being updated in order to simplify things further in fact for the community as a whole and to overcome previously seen bugs the entire site is undergoing some changes as well as things being rearranged.
    For the time being there is a limit on forum themes until that matter is able to be tended to along with some new sub sections being added in to further organize the WindowsForums for your convenience in the long term. Some of them are for hardware platforms not previously covered such as the more recent Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro tablets introduced with Windows 8 as well as a growing number of hand held devices with web access now seen.
    We the WF Staff and Management hope you will stay with us as this all takes place and apologize for any inconveniences you may experience at the present time.
    Night Hawk, Administrator
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  8. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Website is back online!   

    So Far Running good!   Hopefully however you will soon be able to get some updated forum themes going again! I waited a week or so before the reply here in the meantime to update you on the progress. So far no indication of server problems. We should be set to go in time no less for the launch of the next offering from Microsoft namely Windows 10!
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  9. Night Hawk added a topic in Community Discussion   

    The purpose of WF WELCOME THREAD #2 is to Welcome all brand new 2015 and later members to the Windows Forums! We encourage new members to post here so that people have a chance to meet new people joining the WF community! So take a moment and introduce yourself here!
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  10. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Plug and Play Console on my PC?   

    Hello there! electric0115 Welcome to the Windows Forums!
    (Some day they'll remember to use the old WF Welcome thread. :o)
    With one look at this which mentions "av cable included" I have to suspect the audio/video cable is analog not digital like HDMI or something updated. If the cable has a pair of RCA Composite type phono plugs on the end like the old turn table for 12" vinyl into amp or receiver you may have one problem in finding a tv tuner or other capture device PCI type or USB that you can use for viewing on your system during game play!
    I work with composite sources here a lot where even the cable tv is patched into the main system for viewing by way of an old VHS system which of course sees the old analog type plugs. When the tv tuner card PCI type finally lets go I won't be able to replace it since the model was discontinued actually now about 5 or 6yrs. ago while Windows 7 was still in beta to Release Candidate format.  There were some USB type capture devices for capturing video from various sources like camcorders I assumed had composite inputs for both audio and video that could also work provided the device drivers work on 8.1 which is 32bit or 64bit there?
    Meanwhile I looked up that console at the AtGames E-Store to see if there was a little bit more on the actual specifications that was is seen at Amazon and no go unfortunately to verify just what type of A/V cable the console will have as that could well be a deciding factor in whether or not you will be able to use it while on pc. And as an Amazon shopper it wasn't too hard to even now find USB 2.0 video capture devices some only running about $35 while others run upto $70 or more.  1-16 of 2,711 results for "component video capture"
    Fortunately the same company I use still puts out not a PCI but PCI Express type internal capture card if you are running a custom not premade by brand type system there. It won't on an "All In One" pc for example where the main board is tucked away right behind the flat screen display. You would need expansion slots to install it.  Fortunately for a little bit higher price both Amazon and Newegg both carry an updated AVerMedia CO27 AVer TV HD DVR capture card for just under $90! I've been working with that brand for a good number of years now on XP right through Windows7. BUT! as seen too often Nothing newer then Windows 7 as far as the operating system is concerned. Any updated for Windows 8 and 8.1 systems and as of next week the newest version Windows 10 will require HDMI or DVI which unfortunately doesn't suit your needs there. The latest model is an external USB 3.0 device with HDMI and Component inputs.  ExtremeCap U3│CV710
    So basically the version of Windows you are presently running is simply too new for Composite. If the console sees an HDMI output on the other hand the unit there as well as a number of other tv tuner/signal converter type devices are available both external and PCIe to look over.
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  11. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Not seeing the 'Get Windows 10' icon on your PC? Here's a possible fix   

    UPDATE and Plreasant Surprise Indeed! The article was found to be off slightly? when mentioning a system restart might be needed after an hour if the W10 icon didn't appear. Well the Mini tower case was left standing ilde for a bit longer like about 8hrs. and then something was noticed!

    Yes the prompting to reserve a copy of 10 for the old Atholon II mini case with micro atx board with 4gb of memory and no big deal on the video card using onboard sound will be able to try Windows 10! The Teamer Viewer look also made the day as well.

    And one more thing is the Windows 10 Features can be seen in a YouTube video clip as well as at the MS Windows site.
    On July 29th things will be even easier to follow! 6 days and counting! How to Reserve Windows... see for yourself!
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  12. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Not seeing the 'Get Windows 10' icon on your PC? Here's a possible fix   

    Well there's no guarantees this will work after several attempts here including a full system restart and later after a long wait and several attempts no results! What was a help however being away from the remote case was having the Team Viewer remote access program onhand to monitor as well as try out each of the options unfortunately more then one time each! The file was also downloaded into a folder directly rather then leaving it on the desktop.

    Finally after a period of nearly two hours had pasted it was evident it wasn't going to work on the Mini tower case and you can see the task bar for the main build here right above with the W10 icon in plain view that did appear on it's own back in late June.

    Despite this having not worked here you may have better results giving the batch file a try or simply have to find another option at the Windows site itself once 10 is launched since you will have a full year to get a free copy.
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  13. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Not seeing the 'Get Windows 10' icon on your PC? Here's a possible fix
    Perhaps one of your desktops, laptops, or other Windows 7 with SP1, W8, or W8.1 device hasn't been used in some time to receive the Windows updates released during the month of June? Or perhaps for some other reason like an update or other MS item didn't fully install the way it should have but wouldn't otherwise effect the system performance simply being an MS messenger regarding the opportunity to reserve your free copy of the upcoming Windows 10?
    ZDNet has a fix found to correct this little problem! Read on!
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  14. Night Hawk added a question in General Discussions and Support   

    Here are the specific upgrade paths to get to all versions of Windows 10
    The question was asked and here is the answer! When upgrading from one edition of either Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to the latest version of Windows to come what are the upgrade paths from which edition of the previous version to either Windows 8 Home or Pro? No longer will you see a Starter or Basic edition as previously seen with Vista and 7 but mainly the Home edition for home users and the Professional edition for businesses while home users can still attain the Pro edition as they have right along since Windows 2000 day. Let's see what MS has in store this time.

    Windows Central
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  15. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Windows 7 hangs up for networked printer   

    When you mentioned the CPanel was acting up it sounded all too familiar. Back in 2013 I simply nuked the Windows 7 host/boot drive here and restored a system image backup that had created months earlier but that was showing some indication of corruption. I then simply wiped the drive clean and started over fresh. After a good 2yr. run I now have a choice to do the same or simply allow the next version of Windows to upgrade over it?! I still want to keep 7 on however.
    The Disk Check tool when set to fix errors will generally get things back in working order in one run which will give you the time to take a lengthy break from the machine and why I mentioned running it afterwards. The tooll scans and tests each sector on the hard drive it is set to examine since it can be for other drives as well as the main OS drive to fix errors on each separately. You will probably find that Windows will seem to respond much better once tended to. In fact if you haven't already deleted the network printer it might just suddenly start working again while the driver refresh can help prevent an unresponsive printer at times. Disk errors however will tend to cause all sorts of problems in Windows until cleaned up.
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