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      The news is out for those who signed up to receive Insider Preview builds being an option found in the Windows 10 Start menu>Settings>UPDATE & SECURITY>Advanced options area. Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Threshold 2 to Slow Ring Users, ISOs to Follow Soon is the Softpedia report seen at http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-releases-windows-10-threshold-2-to-slow-ring-users-isos-to-follow-soon-495944.shtml You will notice the "lack of" the usual evaluation build number type watermark as this is the Threshold 2 build intended for general release very soon for those just now either receiving notice that their reserved copy of 10 is ready to go on or when going  to use the Media Creation tool MS has provided where you can upgrade on the sport, see a USB Installation Key made up with a 4gb or larger flash drive depending on which selection as well as edition as the 32bit/64bit Combination will require a 6gb or larger flash drive and be too larger over 5.5gb actually in size to burn to dvd-r type optical media. But you can also save the "Windows.iso" download to a folder of choice on your local drive when skipping past the two media creation options to select the folder. UPDATE: As of today the WIndows Blog report was seen announcing that the first major update would now be included in the Free Upgrade Offer for Windows 10. The Windows Blog page can be seen at  First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today To add further here the Media Creation tool first seen for upgrading to 10, creating the media either being the USB Installation Key using a large enough flash drive, burning the download to a blank dvd-r disk, or even saving the "Windows.iso" file to a folder on the drive where you can simply right click on the download to see it mounted to perform the upgrade install, or saving it to see put to use later for a clean install was first seen with the 32bit and 64bit links, Presently you see only one at this time and no longer see the first options as those have changed as well from: Home, Home N, Pro, Pro N, Single language version(English-US-32bit Home edition only) The "N" represents the less featured more or less developer form of 10 you can only upgrade to by having the N seen on the previous version of Windows as well as such 7 Home Premium N or 7 Pro N where the upgrade path will be correct. Presently you now see: Windows 10, WIndows 10 N, Single language version  the Single language version still being the limited 32bit Home edition there. The updated tool include; the following rather then picking and choosing Home or Pro 32bit or 64bit Dual 32/64 for Home only or Pro only you now see both editions in both flavors when going to perform a clean install as the updated 4 in 1 media. When going to upgrade over the 10240 general RTM release seen in July 29th to the Threshold 2 build being equal to the Windows Insider Preview 10586.3 version 1511 build the 10 installer will automatically upgrade  the Home or Pro installation automatically to the Home or Pro TH2 in the same 32bit or 64bit form. So no worry about seeing the 32bit TH2 replace the 64bit install you have on or would have on as far as any previous version's installation if you are just now contemplating the upgrade. Another found on the Get Windows 10 pages at the Windows site would the "GetWindows10-sds_________.exe" tool for the automatic upgrade. That will immediately download and install the present build now see as an upgrade type install not having any other options.   Presently following the November 11, 2015 Threshold 2 version 1511 build 10586 update the latest Windows Insider Preview build seen at the moment is the 11092 build has been out now for a year(in time for the New Year that is!) and two weeks time.

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  1. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Right on cue, Windows 10 has overtaken XP   

    Will do! I am not keeping the second build there running all the time while the main build in contrast runs 24/7. I think this is one of the reasons why the 10 app was also found again after the update responsible was put into the hidden updates when having shown up in the next check where a right click to choose the hide option somehow got reversed lately.
    Oh I did forget to mention earlier that your user name was changed as you had requested. You should have already noticed that take place on the thread here already. You now see the change in effect on all new posts.
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  2. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Right on cue, Windows 10 has overtaken XP   

    I still keep a dual boot with 7 going on two custom builds here with the main build seeing a separate license and a second build I use for test purposes running with the Windows Insider Preview build along with 7 Pro on that one. Lately however only one of the VMs and not the now host/boott OS on the second machine has seen the latest insider Preview build upgrade over the November Threshold 2 update running on the side 7 there while the physical install simply hasn't as of yet.
    I'm still waiting to see how long a wait that will prove to be since the last upgrades by update went quick in about 5hrs. time if not seen immediately when going to check for updates manually despite being set to automatic when first going to enable the "Get insider builds" setting set to the Fast position. Not this time however.
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  3. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Right on cue, Windows 10 has overtaken XP   

    Good one! Did you know XP saw more malwares written for that one version alone then for any other OS on the planet? Too many security hole exploited with that old version lingering as long as it did!
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  4. Night Hawk added a post in a topic "A Billion Lives" exposes dedicated attacks against vaping by Health and Government   

    Not a problem! I'm sure a large number of people are still waiting to hear when this will be out. I'll keep you in the loop once I find anything out. How's that sound?
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  5. Night Hawk added a post in a topic "A Billion Lives" exposes dedicated attacks against vaping by Health and Government   

    Sorry I don't have that information at the present time. Having spoken with the author of the report here as well as with someone in the film crew on one of the social networks they are trying to get the distribution going out to various locales around the globe. The filming isn't intended to be your typical commercial venture but was a journalistic approach with the film crew traveling everywhere just about to interview medical professionals and others.
    When making a fast inquiry about whether or not they had intended to release the film on dvd, Blu Ray I got an answer I expected about the film first needing to be distributed to theaters before any other releases which was understood.
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  6. Night Hawk added a topic in VAPING NEWS & REFERENCE   

    "A Billion Lives" exposes dedicated attacks against vaping by Health and Government
    FIrst one thing to mention is that this post is not any type of promo for the new documentary soon to be released but a report on the growing controversies surrounding vaping in general.
    (answer or skip survey to see full report)
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  7. Night Hawk added a topic in Windows 10   

    How to Revert Back from Windows 10 to Previoue Version of Windows
    Now that the preventative options for keeping the latest version away by blocking the update type of upgrade into Windows 10 some who may have or will want to try out the latest will be asking how they can get back to the previous version in case 10 pans out for them? Are you one of those people who decided to give WIndows 10 a look but are now stuck in an unfavorable dilemna?
    Well the first step to recovery of course always seems to come from the "source of the problem" as far as software companies go which in this case can only Microsoft. When looking into the recovery options for Windows 10 in particular we run into this.
    Of course that is only one resource that only briefly sums things up for what may actually take more detailed instructions in order to see a working end result. Of course if you happen to lack and media for the previous version of Windows you have been running the MS links on the MS page there would be a likely source of help.
    Before splitting things up a bit between versions however we will first take a look at how to revert backwards from 10 to Windows 7 or 8.1 being a downgrade of the OS.
    Most articles regarding the downgrade or revert back from Windows 10 will likely include both 7 and 8.1 without 8 being mentioned since even MS gave up after 8.1 was more or less a rush job while improved to replace a flop it would seem. But more importantly before rushing into anything new the practical advice seen in another report that should be given out as one report does before making such a move as an upgrade of the OS is to first....
    So what are the downgrade rights when making this type of move?
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  8. Night Hawk added a topic in Security News, Articles, and Guides   

    5 Valentine’s Day Scams That Could Break Your Heart
    For those of you who celebrate St Valentine's Day you will want to pay some attention to this report. It could save you a "Heart Broken" type of day?!
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  9. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Windows 10 is now a recommended download in Windows Update
    To follow up on another similar article moved into the 10 Discussion and Support section a Softpedia report on the MS plans to promote 10 was also seen earlier this week.
    original report
    (Actually when finding the 10 app was back on one system here it was discovered that 10 was already downloaded and unpacked into the usual temporary installation folders found at the root of the C drive! I didn't click either of the two upgrade buttons either. Prompted to install with files you don't want already on the drive? Not good MS!)
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  10. Night Hawk added a topic in Security News, Articles, and Guides   

  11. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

  12. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

  13. Night Hawk added a topic in Security News, Articles, and Guides   

    Protection against modern security threats
    see full report
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  14. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Microsoft Updates “Get Windows 10” Prompts, No Longer Offers Reject Option   

    Hello pdqcat Welcome to the Windows Forums!
    Having some fun with 10 I see?! Since your post was on an announcement I thought it better to see the discussion moved here where we can continue. And despite some efforts to disable the 10 upgrades over 7 on two systems here having disable the upgrade to the latest version feature with a manual edit of the System registy on both machine as well as seeing the 10 app removed and then hidden from the updates list with nothing further seen I hadn't run the second pc now since the end of 2015 and just a day checked for the latest updates and the 10 app was once again spotted in the system notification area!

    The remore pc is used to testing new builds on both a second actually original drive on the previously single drive mini tower as well as on VMs(Virtual Machines) using the latest VMware Workstation 12 Player. With the 10 app or "KB3035583" update as well as the "KB2952664" failing to go on by having the Upgrade OS feature disabled apparently both are right clicked on to choose the hide option as well as finding something was already downloaded and unpacked on your drive you will want to take notice of!

    Surprise! The Windows 10 temporary installation folders were already unpacked onto the drive waiting for you to make the mistake of clicking a button! But if you are someone interested in seeing 10 go on but only as a clean install guess what? You do not have to suffer and waste time with a two install step process but simply toss a clean install of 10 on after you have tended to a couple of items first however! Simply follow the steps here:
    1)Download the Media Creation Tool from the Get Windows 10 site in order to download the "Windows.iso" file which will contain both the 32bit and 64bit flavors of the 10 Home and 10 Pro editions with the Threshold 2 November 11th updated 10586 version 1511 build of 10. Or go direct to the MS Tech Bench Program download page to grab either the 32bit or 64bit dual edition iso from there. Note you can use the MC tool to see the 10 media created but will need at least an 8gb size flash drive since the size of the download will exceed 4gb and likely be 5.48gb on disk! The dual edition iso downloads from Tech Bench are not that much smaller either!
    2) With the 10 media made up generally a usb installation key these days while laptops with UEFI might run into problems? you have two options in order to see the clean install of 10 activated. The first being the quick and easy is simply to enter the product key from the previous version you are replacing since you won't be seeing the upgrade install take place where the MS servers provided a new "Digital Entitlement" as it is called.
    The second option will involve extracting a file you must already have on the drive now being the "gatherosstate.exe" file to be found in one of the Temp installation folders seen in the image above! For the 32bit Windows the "$Windows~WS" folder isn't seen at all while that will be seen in addition to the "$Windows~BT" folder on the 64bit. That will be found in the folder that contains the "Sources\Windows\sources" sub folder in either of those temp install folders placed there by the downloader if not found later from the 10 installer when booted live for the 10 installation to take place.
    Once extracte either by dragging it onto the desktop if not extracted from the 10 iso you download you right click on it to select the "run as administrator" option and save the new "GenuineTicket.xml" to a safe place before the 10 install takes place. That preserves the activation status for the previous version which would be 7 for you there which will later be copied to the "C:\ProgramData|Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket\" sub folder which you might have to see manually created if not automatically done so by the 10 installer itself. Once copied into that location on the fresh 10 install simply restart the system and you should find the activation was immediate.
    For anyone not liking the new Start menu especially hating Metro style tiles previously seen with 8 and 8.1 Stardock has the newer Start10 replacing the Start8 app available that sees three styles one being the W7, the Modern, and the 10 style while using this app that keeps the shutdown, logoff, restart button similar to that used in 7 available over fussing for the pop up to appear with the 10 power option.

    And for anyone still not wanting to even look at 10 running into this until the KB3035583 update is removed and if you happen to hit the 10 app on the taskbar simply click on the red X in the upper right hand corner not one of the two buttons that will only confirm the upgrade!

    For much more complete information as far as prevention review the guide for this seen at  http://windowsforums.org/topic/10769-so-what-if-you-do-not-want-to-see-windows-10-upgrade-over-windows-7-8-or-81/
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  15. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!   

    Think that was bad this last one here for the time being the Half Life 2 based EXIT mod with a slight title change to "EXIT From Zombieland" has a twist of it's own in there besides the mod crash you will spot briefly due to the way a number of the developer mods will tend to. If you add too much in the regular game that will also crash showing you have to reach a rather delicate balance of being able to play through as well as load the custom saves fresh without simply seeing everything lock solid when working on this type of project.
    With the twist in this developer mod however that bit about not about winning but seeing how long you can last regardless of how much health and ammo you have in this 1st person shooter still won't be enough! Well that's fun part of it as the developer put an irony of it's own into the mod.
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