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  1. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!   

    As the progress continues G.Freeman now has to bail his old friend Barney out of a jam as they each make their way towards teh Citadel in City 17. But it isn't quite Combines keeping Barney pinned down or Freeman taking a long time to even get there!
    One word of advice for anyone traveling there is to keep off the ground level or run into something?!
    And now for the final segment or last few game levels with a rather unusual turn of events from what the game developers had in mind!
    The final segment was still processing or as usual "stuck forever" at the 95% mark And since after all this time there will still only a few screenshots taken I didn't have much of choice for the custom thumbnail or would I since that might give too much away?! The running time for this is much shorter at least at about 57min. 30seconds give or take a few away.
    So what will the next clip or two be about? Since those will be even shorter and lack any narration you will see some examples of how the game play in each game level somehow got more intense?! In the meantime enjoy looking these over and feel free to comment on anything you see! The last segment just added in here is now finished processing at the Youtube site and can be viewed in full.
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  2. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!   

    As you see if you actually skimmed through the previous posting the need fo edit things is just as important as the quality of the recording! Those had been recorded full screen and tend to suffer greatly from not having seen them recorded in the windowed mode option which is included in the Steam title as well as the 3rd party developer mods which are based on the Half Life 2 framework.
    What also helps is the recording program as well since a program with a good buffer provides for a better end result. What that means is the recording is buffered so as not have impact on the game's own performance as well as tieing things up as far as the cpu is concerned but offers a light foot print in contrast. While the first clips were recorded using the open source Open Broadcaster Software program several others with two seeing full purchases made were looked over with only one being worth the effort it would seem.
    For most full screen was out and then the problem of still not finding the sound was recorded automatically even when the Record sound box was checked for the first of the two lead to a complaint to the support which still hasn't seen any reply making that one look a bit more suspicious? Nothing named here
    On the other hand a great little "paid for" program to come up and offers multiple as well as single pc life time licenses caught notice and was purchased to find that not only saw the pause control option and sound automatically recorded but provided the best end results while this was by no means intended to be any type of professional or commercial type recording. The first lengthy project now completed but still needing upload time due to the 5 main segments and shorter conclusion to follow coming in close to some 2hrs.! did manage to come out satisfactory.
    Upon a brief look at each you will notice the quality improved visually as well from having reduced the game settings to a small degree as well as the lowered down screen resolution when run in the windowed mode where you can compare these results using the ZDSoft Screen Recorder program. FRAPS, CamStudio, Debut, and others failed the grade
    The pause acting as the editor made the difference as you can see from just the beginning alone where something about HL2 seems a bit different? Perhaps the effect of an alternate reality when it comes to the character not only arriving by train but carrying the same crowbar used in the original Half Life only kept with him as Dr. Gordon Freeman is awakened aboard the train. For those of you familiar with this particular title pay close attention to the additional CPs seen at the start! And when Freeman just happens to glance around and...... that's where you can immediately tell something isn't quite right!
    And to hide the surprise even further the thumbnail isn'f even from HL2 but another 3rd party mod where you might find some other usnual additions?! Some pauses however while noting the immediate change of scenary were needed in order to cut the time down a bit while some might get lost in the progression of things. The intent here is intended for illustration of how things can turn out.
    Part 2 of the 5 segment recording will be a bit more intense where the character is forced out into zombie land with a few unexpected surprises the game designers not put in. You won't get bored with the 3hrs. 32min. total length if you decide to watch it all the way through that is. Better get the popcorn and soda!
    And the 3rd is almost completed while waiting for the last few minutes of processing at the Youtube site. Freeman then has to face other problems besides the combines and zombies he faces! Somehow that mysterious other person seems to be looking on all the time however.
    And now the next segment can be seen with the emphasis on "driving with caution"?!
    This one is a little longer at 4hrs. 3min. While you try a drive on the Zombie Coast Road! with narrow winding turns and steep cliffs to traverse and then add the zombie mix in!
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  3. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Microsoft reverses course, restores downloads of Windows 10 November Update
    The Threshold 2 build saw a slight change in the 10586.3 number to 10586.15 indicating they pulled the build from everybody to now include the latest culmulutive update since the two hands missed each other apparently. The latest build can be downloaded directly in ISO form from the Tech Bench site as well on the page seen at:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/techbench
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  4. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Microsoft has pulled the Windows 10 November Update Media Creation Tool - UPDATED
    Oh boy! Big problem for Threshold 2 release it seems?!
    Apparently MS addresses the Freeze up during upgrade install bug previously reported on according to one source.
    see full report
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  5. Night Hawk added a topic in VAPING NEWS & REFERENCE   

    "The truth is coming" Documentary about Vaping coming in 2016
    Corporate profits apparently mean more to Big $$$ interests then actual health! That was an email that came in being quoted there while there are other reports as well as the upcoming documentary scheduled for early next year. The following article here is just another one among many similar reports about how things are being covered up?!
    see full report
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  6. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!   

    Another newer 2013 was the next project while trying to keep the actual original ending intact with a slight change as you will see in this 52 minute. clip. The annoyance however is not having a better recording program that will actually pause while changing speaker setting when going to the next level in the two map developer mod. This was also added to the report thread there due to being a much more recently seen mod for the old 2004 pc 1st person/multiplayer Half Life 2 Steam title. Despite the constant pause for getting the sound working for each level change and a few other much more obvious pauses as you will see the difficulty of game play won't matter how much ammo or health you have! But how fast you can move! You'll be moving fast in this one!
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  7. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Half-Life 2, a Game That Influenced a Generation, Turns 11   

    I actually need to find a pc recorder that will splice segments together or have an actual pause feature when the need to constantly change speaker settings comes up often with some of these mods when loading custom saves as well as when previously going ahead into the next levels to then backtrack once everything is in place to see that type of custom save rather the usual default characters if you make past the custom saves that is. That's where the real challenge comes in of using the developer codes or cheats to add difficulties rather then simply make it too easy! You have to see how long you can last instead!   The latest should have been titled "Final Exit" as the original ending was left almost unchanged with only a few minor details added in for this 52 minute long clip that starts off with the mod already in progress due to the need to change changing speaker settings as well as loading the custom saves in order to see this one go without the loading part while still halted to change settings in some parts. The other breaks are for the obvious reasons as you will see in this 2013 mod that came out for the Half Life 2 variation.
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  8. Night Hawk added a topic in Mac & PC Games   

    Half-Life 2, a Game That Influenced a Generation, Turns 11
    Actually it not only stood out but also saw a growing number of first time gaming software developers take their chance at creating variations off of the original sequal not orignal 1990s version first version of the Half Life pc game. The sequel as is with a large number of sequels for other titles are now all Steam/VALVe driven requiring a Steam account you set up when purchasing one of any number of game titles either on disk or online.
    Now over time as anyone could say you might get "BORED" with the same game titles or maybe it simply becomes too easily to complete the entire game and you wish you could raise the difficulty level a little bit. As well as first trying to work with that in mind for the original HL2 title game this has seen some rather interesting experiments with the other 3rd party developer mods mentioned that still use the main HL2.exe launcher file as well as the Steam engine.
    One example of what is discussed on another thread shows the results of using developer or "Cheats" to see more enemies added in to intensify the game play. Here is the mix up of the usual Combine soldiers waiting to ambush you but have a new distraction to fend off instead? in the final level of one of these other mods known as "Dark Factory".

    For this particular clip you see the all too well known infamous gravity gun in use to pick up a dead zombie as the thumbnail tag while things are a bitt different with the Youtube clips and discussion on the thread seen at  Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!
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  10. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

  11. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Introducing Translator for Windows 10
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  12. Night Hawk added a post in a topic Developer Codes? Really?! Make Your PC Game Harder to Play?!   

    Another HL2 developer mod was the focus of the latest project that offers some humorous parts as well as a rather unusual turn of events in how things turn out for the game play in the game mod with three large maps just having seen the second video recorded.
    The two part Zombie festival rather with a developer game mod for the old Half Life 2 titled "Dark Factory" seeing a different type of outcome then originally anticipated! In the first clip at the very start of the mod you find yourself in a room and have to escape Combines or you think? Due to a go ahead in game map and then return to save the ghost mode to slip through walls unfortunately couldn't be edited out with the open source recording app used.:
    The second one not only restarts the level from the beginning again but also discovers where the game mod's exit is finally to be seen while still trying to escape the Zombie infestations? you end up starting off running into but another surprise lurks right around the....
    can't give that away!
    Let's simply call that the Dark Factory - Zombie Conclusion!
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  13. Night Hawk added a topic in News and Updates   

    Introducing the Box for Windows 10 app!
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