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    Why there will never be a year of the Linux desktop
    (Ironically I have the Linux Mint Cinnamon Debian 17.2 x64bit flavor of the latest on a few 128gb usb flash drives made up for live data recovery sticks. Have to post a new guide for that some time.)
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    Microsoft strikes deal with China's Baidu, gets a chance to upgrade more than half a billion PCs to Windows 10
    Here's one way to see the "Windows 10 on 1 Billion PCs" mark made!
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    Upon arriving at the desktop a look at the system tray once Windows is finished loading up will reveal a sign of relief for some of you!

    Both the update and the 10 app are now gone for how long? But we are not finished quite yet! Once the update has been uninstalled and the 10 app has vanished you will want to insure that you don't happen to forget entirely about the update and allow it back on again. So the next step it to manually run a new check for updates. Some may find it right there in an instant while others may have to wait for several updates when not having things set to automatic and not automatic but let me decide or never.

    Now in the case of a dual boot situation like here where the automatic I will decided later option turned up some 29 updates! That took several minutes and the KB3035583 had to be identified once more in the mix up of all those.

    One fast right click this time however presents a new option for the update not presently installed being the option to "HIDE"! This remedy is used countless times to avoid seeing a troublesome update keep being downloaded and installed over and over when it causes a problem of some type. And once hidden it is then safe to proceed to allow the remaining "important" as well as optional updates to be installed.

    Now for those still running Windows 7 the next move is the obvious change of setting as to how updates will be or not to be downloaded and installed. You may have to follow the recommendation to change from automatic to one of those other settings.

    Once all that is seen another fast check reveals  the same 34 optional Language pack updates for those who don't generally see those go on still listed. Of course you can also opt to hide those too!

    Now if you should decide you want to see the 10 app back on especially for a laptop or perhaps tablet that won't boot from a flash drive or simply lacks an optical drive and don't know about the Media Creation Tool option to "Get Windows 10" you can use the "Restore hidden updates" option that put the KB3035583 update back in the waiting list. So the process is reversible afterall.

    And there you go! You have now removed the 10 app problem entirely as well as disabled the service for seeing Windows updated to a newer version if you had added the new key and DWord32 DisableOSUpgrade value in and saw that set for the "1" value being the binary on switch. Note as some have hinted about it may be possible that MS may decide to release another update that could see the return of the 10 app or some other notification/download option for 10? We'll have to see if that ever comes up.
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    Now let's go one step further! In case you had already downloaded and upgraded to 10 and perhaps have a dual boot going with a previous version and do not want to see that snuffed out by another upgrade after seeing this appear from the 10 app in the System Tray notification area!

    Oh joy! You got a 7 Pro system image restored to a new drive added into a previously 7 Pro system now seeing the 10 upgrade followed by 10 clean install on the first single drive and add in the larger second for the planned dual boot with 10 as well as having a second backup partion on a larger drive to see the 10 app appear and then seeing this suddenly when not even reserving a copy of 10 for a secondary system? The Media Creation Tool had been used to see the upgrade take place. And as you can imagine some may have already tried and were not taking to 10 with any liking preferring to stick with the previous version they are running but are being annoyed? at this being seen? What to do about it?

    Well there one immediate way besides the DisableOSUpgrade key already added into the System Registry if you did follow the article's instructions closely in simply seeing the 10 app "Removed"! Rather uninstalled at least for the present time and still have the option later of getting it back if you should decide to upgrade to 10. The alternative of course is outlined in the guide for download and upgrade to 10.
    For the time being however you may simply want to stop the notifications as well as seen the 10 app gone. And that's what the next several screens here will shows just how to see done. As some of you may already be aware when first seeing the 10 app back in June that it came as a regular maybe optional Windows update through the regular method. And that is how each new version from MS is going to be delivered from now on in order to simply see more people and businesses alike upgrade sooner to each newer version to come along?
    The 10 app update or "KB3035583" update isn't that difficult to remove and afterwards seeing the option to "HIDE" from view to avoid any accidental re-download and reinstall of the exact same which you want to avoid. The first step is to locate the actual KB3035583 by way of the Control Panel>Windows updates>Updates history which then has the two options for Installed Updates and Troubleshooting ... problems with.. where you would have to remove a problematic update. Our concern is simply to locate and right click to uninstall the correct item!

    Once located in the lengthy list which will of coarse appear differently on each individual machine the right click to uninstall option is next on the list.

    Then you follow through with the confirmation to remove and will then be prompted to restart the system immediately or delay until later if in the middle of something else for example.

    The progress is fast since this isn't any large deal.

    And then the last step is to see the system restart and watch as the "updates are being configured" screen appears after leaving the desktop to remove the update itself.

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  14. Night Hawk added a post in a topic So "WHAT IF" You Do Not Want to see Windows 10 Upgrade over WIndows 7, 8, or 8.1?   

    To all that down to just two single items in order to simply things and advising you create a system restore point ahead of time just the same these are the two entries in the System Registry that need to see the following.
    How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options
    MS Article Page:
    Disable Upgrade Option:
    Subkey: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate
    DWORD value: DisableOSUpgrade = 1
    Subkey: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade
    DWORD value: ReservationsAllowed = 0
    I'm sure if you already have a working dual boot between 10 and one of the previous versions being 7, 8, or 8.1 you certainly no longer would want to continue seeing the white color 10 app icon sitting in the System notification area by any means as well as not wanting any automatic 10 upgrade over your dual with 10 that is already in place!
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  15. Night Hawk added a post in a topic So "WHAT IF" You Do Not Want to see Windows 10 Upgrade over WIndows 7, 8, or 8.1?   

    Any other options? There are!  How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options

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