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    original report seen at:
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    Now that you have the Media Creation Tool downloaded and saved on the drive you can simply follow the guide I finally got to post about how the tool works!  How to Download Windows 10! What are the Options?
    The guide will take you through each step of the way which is quite simple for anyone to follow. There's nothing too complicated just you have to pay attention to the options and what you select as you go along! In fact when running the tool again here I discovered not that there are four options for editions but discovered a fifth being the Home edition in single language only download I snatched up along with both the 32bit and 64bit flavors for both Home and Pro editions. Just don't choose the Home N or Pro N unless upgrading a 7 N or other N type edition! The two for Home and Pro are mixed in with the other three option when selecting which edition there.
    As covered in the guide you can either see the immediate online upgrade take place, have a 4gb usb flash drive ready to be made into a USB Installation Key with consideration for an 8gb if deciding to go with the combination 32/64 ISO download, or burn to dvd option for one or the other but not the combo image since that is roughly 5.5 or 5.6gb in size on the drive! You need either an 8gb or 16gb like I had to use here for that option with both the Home and Pro seeing combinations.
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    And begin it does! At this time since 10 has now been out for the general release just over a month ago the downloads depending on your ISP's connection speeds as a factor go quite quickly! The initial downloads at the end of July of course took a bit longer like a good 10-15minutes with a fast connection even due to the heavy volume of some 14 million within the first 24hrs. as one media outlet reported. That should come as no surprise however for any brand new Windows! The download just seen before posting this went in just under 5 minutes top! That is how quickly things are going now.
    Once the download has finished and all is complete you then see the download being verified as being intact by the Microsoft download server it seems.

    WIthin a minute or so later once that reaches a certain point the next screen that flashes in front of you is the "Creating iso file" screen.

    And finally the last and final screen brings us to the option to either see the iso image burned to a blank dvd-r disk....

    The burn to dvd option already being hightlighted by MS there as you can see. Or for either seeing the Windows.iso burned  to disk later using another program or method such as the burn to disk option found in the right click menu in Windows since Windows 7 introduced that one you can simply click on the Finish button and exit the tool entirely.

    Once all this is done just remember where you saved the iso file! You'll need to know when either going to see it burned to disk, written to a USB Installation Key. or possibly mounted on a virtual drive long enough to see the 10 set up unpack all of the installation files onto the OS drive to see the upgrade. Two installation folders should be what you end up seeing besides the Windows.old folder once the upgrade is complete being the "$Windows~BT" folder and the additional "$Windows~WS" folder created for the 64bit WIndows 10 upgrade.
    Did you know you can actually run the setup.exe file found under "C:\$Windows\Sources\Windows\sources\setup.exe" in order to start the upgrade in the event you need to repair the first with an Upgrade to Repair of the problematic 10 install. As with any version of Windows when first out it takes time for all of the updates and fixes to come out and even then you can still end up seeing a buggy upgrade that needs repair. For the more tech savay once the upgrade has been activated to your machine the next move seen is usually the full clean install to start everything fresh and solve any of the initial upgrade problems that could be seen.
    In any case and as forewarned at the beginning of this guide always have a disaster recovery plan of some type such as having everything important already backed up in a safe place before proceeding!
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    In this segment of the guide here we move onto the next screen when opting out of the immediate online upgrade for the create media option and come to the next screen where there are three separate dropdown lists of options to select from. The first is for the language we want to see 10 in! You don't want to find out afterwards you rushed through things and made the wrong choice!

    With some 192 and likely many more countries that will be seeing the new version the list could grow even larger! And then for the second dropdown list you will make the choice for the edition of 10 suitable for you. For Windows 7 Home Premium or 8, 8.1 Home or Core edition you would select the 10 Home option. For 7 Pro or Ultimate as well as for 8 or 8.1 Pro that would be 10 Pro.Note that if you have anything Home N or Pro N you would select the correct 10 N edition for the upgrade.

    From there when clicking the next button we then get to the third dropdown list where we find three options for the 32bit, 64bit or dual combination iso choice for the architecture. For the 32bit Windows you would select 32bit. For the 64bit select the 64bit. and for plans to upgrade multiple machines running multiple kernels you would opt for the combination iso which note will not burn to dvd or write to a 4gb usb flash drive due to the larger 5.5+gb ISO Disk Image being downloaded.

    Once you click on the next button after double checking to see that you made the right choice for each of the three options the next two choices will be either to see the download then turned into an iso disk image immediately written to a flash drive or select the "ISO file" option to continue seeing 10 download and bypassing the immediate creation of the usb media.

    When choosing the ISO file option you are then prompted to browse to the location where the "Windows.iso" will be downloaded and save as an ISO Disk Image type file to. If planning to download more then one flavor of the edition separately you may want to make a slight change to the name like "Windows 10.iso" or "Windows 10 Home.iso" or for the example here of not having previously downloaded the 10 Home single language iso that would see the change to "Windows 10 Home x64 Single Language.iso" in order to identify which is what if downloads are to end up in the same folder!

    In the screen there you can still see the original as well as the rename but with three dashes to illustrate how easy it is to save any download with a slight name change while still keeping the exact same 3 digit file extension on the end however due to that being the file type that has to remain unchanged. and once you click on the next button it all begins!
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    How to Download Windows 10! What are the Options?
    Due to some confusion and likely frustrations some may have at wondering Just When their reserved copy of the latest Windows 10 version will be available by way of the Windows Updates why wait? Windows 10 didn't wait here but finally showed a month late on a Windows 7 Ultimate installation still running on one drive here despite having seen to a dual boot of both versions to be covered in another guide.
    Before you can download the latest version you will either wait for it to arrive by updates or go to the Microsoft page not for the Windows download itself but the Media Creation Tool which when run will automatically download and even install 10 for you as an "On The Spot" online upgrade over the previous version of Windows you are now running! The Media Creation Tool is listed in the two architectures of  
    Download Tool Now(32-bit version) or Download Tool Now(64-bit version) at  Download as seen at  Download Windows 10
    Now for most who are not signed up or have been signed for the Windows Insider Program there will be several screens here to show the options you will be seeing once you start the Media Creation Tool such as the first few that are presented to get you started. Note if you are planning an immediate upgrade or subsequent install of 10 make sure that no additional hard drives lacking an OS like a previous of Windows are plugged in or you could end seeing a failed upgrade install over and over and over again!
    Why? The Windows 10 installer could get confused and place boot files and temporary set up files on the wrong drive! Storage drives both internal and external or in external usb enclosures should be unplugged or if in an enclosure with an on/off switch turned off as well as unplugging any additional usb flash drives or other devices with onboard memory like cameras, smart phones, IPads, etc. where the 10 installer may try to write to one or more of those!
    Ok so now that you have downloaded either the 32bit or 64bit tool according to which type of Windows you are running as far as the architecture we get started by first going to the folder where the  one or both of the tools were downloaded to in order to start the correct one. First you start off by a fast right click to select the "Run as administrator" option to insure you have enough permissions between Windows and/or any other system protections like your antivirus or firewall softwares.

    Once the first screen comes up as you soon notice the tool begins to run you will be presented right away with two options. 1) Perform the immediate in place upgrade and 2) Create Media which then moves you past the upgrade option to see done at a later time.

    Apparently Microsoft assumes you will want to upgrade instantly and why the second option outlined is for creation of the media to be used elsewhere on another machine? Actually once 10 is activated you may actually have need for an immediate clean install of the new version if something doesn't go on fully! With upgrade type installations things can go wrong at times and the advice to "be prepared" for the worst has to be given ahead of time!
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    If you have the 10 app on the task bar you may find went on without any notification! Several report finding it was an automatic upgrade! Meanwhile as I expected to be seeing with the extra hard drives plugged in was the upgrade fail just seen now as this post is being updated. The bump of the thread here is also to point out to others the type of problem that can prevent a working upgrade from talking place by way of the updates as well as when using the Media Creation Tool to upgrade online or download if not burn a dvd or write to flash drive the type of error you can run into from having the boot files and temp install folders end up on the wrong drive(s)!

    If you should run into this or another type of similar error when going to upgrade check to see what other drives or devices you have plugged in which can prevent a working upgrade from taking place.
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    NO! Its not smoke. Its Vapor!
    original blog
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    {hd0,0} NTFS 5 no GRLDR is equal to "No Grub Loader"! GRLDR = GRUB Boot Loader which may seen following a failed install of a Linux distro. Another possible cause is trying to get around the normal Windows activation process. Or some update made a mess of things. The best time however to have reformatted or even repartitioned the drive to insure no bits and pieces were left behind to cuase any problems was once the drive was reinstalled into the laptop itself  That would insure the reformat actually did reformat the drive.
    Apparently due to server glitches several threads unfortunately ended up lost in the shuffle including this one!   Sorry about that smock! WF apology for missing your request for help!
    You won't be going anywhere with XP at this time however since all support was dropped for the old version over a year ago in February 2014. The error message however points to a failed attempt to see a Linux distro installed or to one that had been removed without seeing a total wipe of the drive before 7 went onto it. You would have had to rebuild the XP boot.ini file in order to get XP to go onto the formatted primary.and you wouldn't actually need any dos floppy disk in order to see XP installed at the time.
    For futher reference one free program from Neosmart Technologies besides the now well known EasyBCD use for Vista and all newer versions is one of their other resources which would be what is needed at this late date for any plans to see XP installed.
    Fix no grldr in Windows XPFix #1: Rebuild BOOT.ini and other boot components via Easy Recovery Essentials
    Actually the 32bit 7 was able to run a great deal of XP programs without use of the Compatibility Mode option while Vista wasn't even able to run a number of them. The main culprit? For Legacy 9x-ME-XP compatible programs Vista had seen Fat32 support stripped away much like WIndows 8 saw the Start menu gone! Windows 7 saw Fat32 support return due to all of those new hand held devices with Fat used as the file system for the onboard memory, SD cards, usb flash drives, etc.!
    With Windows 7 rather then a dual boot the question was just asked about using the XP Mode that would run on the Virtual PC option brought in with Vista and continued on with 7. Later with 8 Hyper-V virtualization was to replace the previous. The XP Mode would connect to MS and activate without any need for a product key and was the effort by MS to get people to upgrade from XP to 7 and still be able to run XP apps mostly desktop type, office wares, etc. leaving any resource demanding pc games out of the loop.
    In order to shrink the main primary down once a laptop here saw the upgrade from W7 and the bloatware 17gb split up between two small now obsolete partitions removed and the intent of shrinking the OS primary in order to create a second back up partition the entire drive had to be wiped clean. Window 10 had no problem seeing another clean install go on since the upgrade over 7 had already taken place there. With Windows 8, 8.1 not seeing ever seeing a "Windows 9" in a progressive numerical order and now 10 you can still run XP or any other version of Windows on a VM(Virtual Machine) without any 3rd party program involved. Hyper-V brought in with WIndows 8 works much like VM Ware's VM Player only comes included in Windows as a feature you first have to turn in order to use.
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    How did you make out? barcar  I thought I would ask since I haven't heard anything back from your direction.
    As far as the 3rd email besides the first to confirm the reserved copy of 10 and second that came in later starting you didn't have to wait for days or weeks tot 10 to come by way of updates neither 7 installation of either of two machines set up with 10/7 dual boots has seen 10 arrive or the 3rd email indicating it was ready to download and install with 7 not set for automatic updates since 10 is already on the two machines.
    WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! A little bit late now but upon booting into 7 and going to click on the 10 app still seen there...

    I wasn't able to view anything however when going to click on the View download progress button but plan to stall the upgrade since the 7 part of the already existing 10/7 dual boot was in a need of a clean install anyways! 
    This upgrade will fail anyways due to having two additional storage drives as well as a usb flash drive plugged which resulted in the initial failed attempts back on July 29th to see 10 upgrade over a temp install of 7 for the planned and working up until this came up dual boot of both versions.
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    And gee what happens when we start adding on more things and want to see them better organized? Well here's another pair of screen to show how that is done. First we may want to split things up into catagories and a fast and simple method for that is simply to click on the first already named catagory which has the default name of "Life at a glance to possibly rename that to something else or just to see how to name or rename any catagory with a simple fast click.

    When hovering the mouse cursor anywhere the right side you will notice what looks a lot like an equal sign "=" without the quotes just sitting there doing nothing? That's the indicator Microsoft's development team added in to show where to click in order to enter a catagory name once the white back ground text box appears immediately. Simply click on the enter/return button to see the change or new catagory name applied.

    And now you have a Start menu not only not taking up the entire screen for which there still remains a full screen option mostly used in the Tablet mode however for touchscreen devices. What to see a different background for the Start Menu as well as main task bar? SImply take a fast trip into "Start>Settings>Personalization>Colors" where you can turn off as well as turn on options for seeing the Start and task bar made transparent as well as either letting Windows decide on the appropriate color for the text window background or pick a color from the chart to see that immediately applied.

    Well let's see a change made to see how that will look!

    Once you have a new theme created the option to save that is found in the High contrast settings screen when clicking the link at the bottom of the Color section there. For  those of you who are upgrading from Windows 7 direct to 10 without having run either Windows 8 or 8.1 the large change in how the settings are now seen has to do with being applicable for both Desktop and Mobile platforms.
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    10 Outrageous E-Cig Exaggerations That Keep Smokers Smoking
    see full report
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    No, Microsoft is not spying on you with Windows 10
    see full report
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