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  1. Well put ZNA 50! And certainly a warm welcome goes out to AnakoAlbert!
  2. You're certainly welcome here any time! ZNA Glad you stopped in here first since many seem to forget to introduce themselves it seems.
  3. Yes I'm still in here for a bit! See you did get through that laptop issue. That will save you any headaches later!
  4. Before the following quote is seen here I would like to add that you can sign up to follow that blogger on FaceBook as well as receive and linked email for each blog the author publishes. Note the links in the blog link out to other blogs to be read in full. Direct link to blog: Surgeon General Continues to Lie about Tobacco in E-Cigarettes Neil Boortz The “Talkmaster” Neal Boortz (was once a fan) has no luck with seeing a puppy blown up, so, he instead, wants to watch e-cigarettes blow up. At least that’s what I got out of this idiotic tweet. It is all how you word things, “talkmaster”. Stay Informed The Bill Godshall Update via ecigarette-politics: Always an informative list: Bill Godshall Update 2017-03-09 “Think Of The Children™” My thoughts? Time and time again, special interest groups around the world use and exploit children. It is free child labor after all. Example: There is no gateway If “children” are *already smoking, they’re *smokers regardless of age. Two things focused on in the battle to regulate, restrict, tax and ban are “nicotine” addiction and still unsubstantiated gateways to children. New peer-reviewed research published in Drugs Education Prevention and Policy shows that e-cigarettes are not increasing the likelihood of tobacco consumption and may in fact be contributing to negative perceptions about smoking among young people. Young people do not associate e-cigarettes with increased likelihood of smoking Via Brian Fojtik It’s not always about vaping, nicotine or children. In this instance, it is about failing to adhere to their own rules. The Proposed Tobacco Product Standard for NNN Level in Smokeless Tobacco Should Be Withdrawn Creating Chaos Laws are being manufactured to satisfy everything but public health concerns. More on gateways and assertions by a belief system controlled by special interest groups and politicians within. This, by Robert Sklaroff, Bill Godshall, and Stephen F. Gambescia: Vaping isn’t smoking, it’s a disease prevention method If you DON’T know If you are unaware about HR1136, please join the rest of us on planet earth. Nicotine Addiction I want to, in the words of my late Father, “Know For A Fact“. The claim of nicotine addiction is the basis for “regulations, restrictions, taxes and bans“. They don’t need to prove me wrong, they need to prove themselves right. Early next week, I will be releasing “Nicotine Addiction: A 30-Day Public Health Challenge“. It will include a GoFundMe for for further research by Dr. Farsalinos and his colleagues. It will also include an incentive for “Public Health” to prove me wrong. Watch this space – as I’ve said before – “More to come….” NEWS from my friends across the pond: You can find me here trying to be cordial on Facebook You can find me here being a bit more evil on Twitter You can also find me on LinkedIn You can follow me on this blog! Medical, Research, Science Professionals M.O.V.E. Research Ecigarette Research Dr. Konstantinos E Farsalinos (Research) E-Research Foundation Politics E-Cigarette Politics Consumers Groups CASAA – The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association NOT BLOWING SMOKE Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada (THRA) Vaping Militia A Billion Lives This isn’t over: A Billion Lives: on Facebook A Billion Lives: on Twitter A Billion Lives: Website Your comments are NEVER filtered, always encouraged and welcome on this blog. More to come. Keep ON #Vaping On. Kevin
  5. source" VIPRE Security Blog Link to article: Main List - Jan14&utm_medium=email (internal)&utm_campaign=Newsletter - Feb 21 2017&utm_content=SL4 | Security Tips read more - Smart Home Network Tips
  6. source: VIPRE Security Blog Link to article: Main List - Jan14&utm_medium=email (internal)&utm_campaign=Newsletter - Feb 21 2017&utm_content=SL4 | Important News read more - Xbox Playstation Accounts Hacked
  7. source: VIPRE Security Blog link for full article: Main List - Jan14&utm_medium=email (internal)&utm_campaign=Newsletter - Feb 21 2017&utm_content=SL4 | Security Newsroom read more - Protect Yourself from Hackers
  8. What's the matter? No takers? Actually all opinions are welcome for the purpose of this discussion regarding the particular or particulars go as far as av softwares and other system protections. The long standing question of "Which is Best?" doesn't actually matter to an extent at this late date simply because there are many softwares as well as various improvements seen with the revisions of older softwares that go back to the Legacy years(3.x through 9x, ME) when softwares intended for system protection were first being introduced following the general opening up of the "Web" where malware writers suddenly saw their openings for the general masses! Some companies have received some really bad reputations over the years while others have been elevated to the highest ratings. Yet as we presently learn some of those older supposedly "not so good" programs have swiftly surpassed others at times in recent years! The term "Bloatware" without specifying any one particular software was eventually to be rephrased to "Light Weight" as the Bloat was removed to enhance system performance when revised as well as not to interfere with pc gaming in general which was a known problem for many game titles by all too many av programs to begin with. In addition newer versions also started offering additional protections against attacks while out on the web not just the rare infected email you received in your inbox laced with bugs or when as still seen clicking the 1-2 smack you in the face bad link. So what are your thoughts? Feel free to post them as replies here!
  9. Despite whatever personal user preferences as far as softwares go the best evaluations/performance tests/overall comparisons will always remaing to be seen at independent labs unbiased or told to "make us look" by one or more brands but run undoctored tests to see undoctored test results. So WHO or WHAT fares the best lately? Feel free to jump in at any time here to offer your own opinion but remember we are not here to simply bash others or other products despite any possible negative experiences seen by a particular user. Today we will be looking the more recent late 2016 October results available to view at any time from the AV-Comparatives Performance-Test October 2016 results found in PDF format to view online or save as pdf file to save on drive for future reference. Once on the page there you will immediately notice the English or other language download links right below the yellow solid line seen under the sub title Performance -Test October 2016. What we are interested in here of course will be the fast quote of the test results while noting all softwares included stay within only a small 1-2% fraction of each other as far as the end total scores add up to. First thing seen as far as results go would be the graphical results seen on Page #8 where things like File Copying, Archiving/unarchiving, Installing/uninstalling applications, Launching applications(opening docs and pdf files) are rated by three distinct graphical lines with each representing a particular performance value the longer the better! That is seen under "Overview of single AV-C performance scores. As you look over the graphical chart there you may find out that your present AV program didn't quite measure up to perhaps another you could care the least about. Unfortunately the "Hello This is Reality Check Time" surprise might have a relief under Part #2 however which is what will be quoted here from Page #9. Quote: " PC MARK Tests In order to provide an industry-recognized performance test, we used the PC Mark 8 Professional Edition(2) testing suite. Users using PC Mark 8 benchmark(3) should take care to minimize all external factors that could affect the testing suite, and strictly follow at least the suggestions documented inside the PC Mark manual, in order to get consistent and valid/useful results. Furthermore, the tests should be repeated several times to verify them. For more information about the various consumer scenarios tests included in PX Mark, please read the whitepaper on their website(4). "No security software" is tested on a baseline(5) system without any security software installed, which scores 100 points in the PC Mark 8 Home benchmark. " End quote (numbers next to certain words represent references found below at bottom of same page numbered 2-5 Results show PC Mark 8 point system used. Brand -------- Point Count No security software ---- 100 (no software reaches 100 points with PC Mark 8 system is what that indicates) Avira, ESSET, F-Secure often high rated got the highest mark at 99.7 Avast, Bitdefender(used by WF's security analyst mod here at WF), and the Russian company's Kaspersky Labs came in second with a point count of 99.6 AVG(used by this source for several years), BullGuard, and Emsisoft took in 3rd place with McAFee(snickered at often by many note) Quick Heal, ThreatTrack(who replaced GFI for VIPRE presently highly recommended here) with a point score of 99.5 showing the scores are on top of each only seeing a fractional variance. Sophos 99.4 Microsoft(who else but MS) 99.3 Fortinet 99.0 even Trend Micro(popular with many) got the next down at 98.6 with Tencent a few notches lower at 98.3 Lavasoft(adware removal programs mainly) and eScan are the last contestants bringing in their 97.9 point count. Page #9 concludes with the #s 2-5 references on the pdf file's page there with a pair of external links. One thing to know from the start here is that only so many programs out of the entire list of existing and new to come av, bugware, security softwares were compared in these results. For someone wanting Norton or another program another independent testing site might place a few of the programs named here up against Symantec or some other wares. Several on this list have been coming highly rated over the last several years while some others may be a bit more recent and unknown for some. From a personal observation McAFee first ever used here was replaced by Symantec during the Legacy years to be replaced by AVG during the XP into 7 years when then first hearing about GFI's VIPRE Antivirus and Internet Security suite which has now been in use since 2010. In the last year or so after already having purchased a life time license for that ThreatTrack being the present owner came out with the VIPRE Internet Security Pro suite which while intended more for businesses would be an upgrade for the earlier suite. What gets even more interesting with the tests AV-C performed is still to come however on Page #10 where guess who came in last? That will require a visit to AV-C's page to view the pdf in full. Well while not necessarily running the supposed BEST A#1 AV software according to all that I did hear some good news on the particular brand used here I will share with you here in part only however. I would rather encourage people to share on this thread what they have found not necessarily from the VIPRE Securtiy blog or Norton's, AVast's, or any other company's own blog which serves to promote that one program but from independent unbiased sources if found along with feeling free to share the types of experiences. Just remember some av programs were cause for concern for some while working like champs for others such as hampering gamers in years past until companies starting developing av apps with "Light Footprints" found to be non intrusive on things as well as could be scheduled to run outside of the regular active user hours much like MS has now incorporated things in the latest version of Windows as far as scheduling updates to work around your own normal user hours for automatic downloads and installs of varying types of MS updates often including on the few occasions the major next build updates like Threshold November 2015 and last summer's August 2dn Redstone 1 Anniversary update which has been found here to have seen 10 make a lot of progress during the first year to become an OS to recon with! happy to report!
  10. To further update the requirements for all new members we are now requiring that all that chose to join the WF Community at this first introduce themselves on the recently updated WF Welcome Thread FIRST! before being allowed to post out on the main forums! This has come about as a method of separating those with sincere intent on being WF members and those who simply arrive here to harass others with forum spamming and other rule violations! We have 0% tolerance for SPAM! Sorry the operations of this site are maintained by an already authorized paid sponsorship!
  11. Ok I am bumping this for you at this time. GameX Just remember the instructions I gave you and see if you are still having any problems posting a reply at this since the updates were applied.
  12. The latest news from the Windows Insider Program. Hello Windows Insider, As usual, we’d like to kick off this newsletter with highlights from our latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for PC and Mobile. This build provides another wave of exciting new Windows preview features — available only to Windows Insiders. As an Insider, you also have the opportunity to try new Microsoft Edge extensions before the general public. For example, these extensions were first made available to Insiders: Turn Off the Lights, Tampermonkey and Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant. Extensions are a quick and easy way to customize your browsing experience. You can get other free extensions for Microsoft Edge here like AdBlock and Microsoft Translator. Let us know what you think via the Feedback Hub or contact @MSEdgeDev on Twitter.* If you haven’t yet seen what the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile brought to us, check out some of these highlights, including Panorama mode in the Camera app — a new way to see notifications on the lock screen — and cool updates to Cortana**, the Windows Store and more. Here are a few other items that might interest you: See what’s next for Windows 10. Join us online for a special Microsoft event planned in New York this week. We’re keeping details confidential for now, but you’re invited to watch the livestream at 10 am EDT on October 26, 2016. Windows Insider T-shirts now available. A few months ago, we ran a global competition inviting Insiders to come up with a new design for the next Windows Insider T-shirt. Congratulations to our winner, E. Bautista from the United States, and to all of our finalists — and thanks to everyone who participated. The T-shirt is available for sale on the eCompanyStore. Info for Developers The Windows Desktop Bridge is now live. The Desktop Bridge enables you to bring your existing apps and games to the Universal Windows Platform. The Desktop App Converter is now available. The converter turns standard Windows desktop applications into Windows 10 apps, allowing you to add UWP features such as Live Tiles, notifications and app services. Download it from the Windows Store.*** One Dev Minute videos. These short videos give Windows developers a quick look at how to use different Windows technologies to build great Windows apps. The videos cover a variety of topics — from implementing In-App purchases, to using Ink, Voice and Face Recognition, or to integrating with Cortana. Got an idea for another topic that you’d like us to cover in the future? Vote for your favorite topics here. Info for IT Pros Microsoft Ignite 2016 sessions on demand Watch over 800 hours of idea-provoking content including Microsoft Ignite keynotes, overviews, deep dives, and more. Windows 10 Management and Deployment Lab Kit. Recently updated with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this lab kit features a pre-configured virtual lab with the latest version of Windows 10, SCCM, MDT and more. Also included are over 600 pages of illustrated lab guides covering key management features and scenarios. Microsoft Tech Summit. Get free, in-depth technical training on Windows 10 productivity, security, and deployment. There’s still time to register for sessions in cities around the world. Get more details and register here. You can follow the lead for the Windows Insiders Program, Dona Sarkar, on Twitter @donasarkar. For other updates on the program, including special events and activities, follow us on Twitter @windowsinsider. Thanks! The Windows Insider Team
  13. Be sure to read the latest pm! That has some updates about a few items I wanted to get back to you on.