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  1. Maybe caretaker should say about the consequences of using mobile always, to Benna also.., Benna need not stop using mobile, just reduce using.
  2. Hey.. The "Boot" Manager of WF... How are you? I am the Dead Admin here.. Good to see you are active, Benna said about you. When i check the forum index today, all the last post is by eyeCpc.. Thanks Hadi Dead Admin

  3. u could say me before that in windows task bar cannot be made in 2 monitors. i wasted many hours get taskbar and all on the external monitor when i got had one monitor here. But i think it will be a very good and impressive feature which Chaitanya Sareen. We could be keeping multiple monitors and make home look like a workstation . But my dream, is to keep like that guy in Die Hard 4, a very big screen a seat in the back and wireless keyboards and mous. One powerful wireless radio transmitter also (or BSNL/Relaince would have to waste papers printing bill for calling Benna) or we will have to keep an IP phone OFF TOPIC: Do you remember how long we was waiting for vista ? and how long i took to download it ? and how long to copy it to ur pc when u came to my home ? ...I remember than when i see Windows 7, good that u have already got Windows 7 M1 @STAFF : I dont know if you (WF)ppl post liek this replies in this section. if no, sorry and move it to trash. If yes, remove this note from here.
  4. i like nortorn, but i use eset , because its more easy and it detects faster. and it doesnt make my system slow when it updates. nortorn update takes more cpu usage than full system scan for me. i also have the nortorn lifetime liscense (we both are on same plan with same ISP).
  5. is he in the staff ?
  6. see http://www.samsung-f480.com/ . Its an international phone, no operator locking. It has features like iphone. Its available here in UAE, it looks good. It has the 3G(HSPDA 7.2mb) and all. I saw the latest functions of G1, it looks and sounds good. G1 from T-Mobile:
  7. Hi Dan, Welcome to Windows Forums.Org My 100th post is a welcome for you. Hope you will enjoy ur stay here. Thanks Hadi
  8. ie7 going good now. I was really interested when i saw the "DOWNLOAD: The True Story of Internet" in Discovery channel. once it was about the competition between microsoft for internet explorer and netscape navigtor for theirs. Whatever functions this ie gets, still i use only firefox because if its cool plugins(needed for me like nerds - web programmers) . and its easy of customizing style. And its master password feature for saved passwords. I knw that this thread is all about ie7 pro, but just saying my opinion on web browsers .
  9. a very very basic tutorial, for noob new comers to computer world
  10. i dont mind posting my desktop, all ur desktops are clean. benna calls mine desk bin(dust bin). because i use the full desktop for one day and then clear next day , continues everyday . its too late night now, will soon clear and add my vista and ubuntu(linux) desktop.
  11. i wished to get an iPhone 3G. but now i am interested in samsung touchwiz. Google android seems good, i think yesterday i saw a news that t-mobile and google have released the G1 Google Android phone. and another site i saw that google android works on a htc(don't remember which model). anyway, i dont like windows mobile because its not that easy to use a windows mobile(takes time to goto the features). iPhone seems user friendly, but they have actually taken idea from samsung touchwiz which is more better now. if i have money, i am waiting for nokia n86, because it has all features of n78 which i wanted (and also of n96), and the cool n81 like design.
  12. i haven't tried it yet. its not Qmenu, its Qemu. i have tried ubuntu, knoppix and solaris only.
  13. if u have good ram, vm is good, i used it. but now i use another app for running linux on windows, it can be run from a usb also. i dnt understand the software, its in command line, Qemu.
  14. Hello, Could explain it please. 1. You can run the game after you insert the disc ? 2. BTW, Which is the game ? 3. Does the shortcut point to the file on the optical drive or a file in your hard disk ? Regards Hadi
  15. Hello Gary, Welcome to Windows Forums