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  1. Got it back and its up and running ... Thank you Bull!!!
  2. Thank you Kabu! I appreciate the compliments! I use various programs, as none of them do everything I want...lol. So I go between PS....Fireworks...Paint Shop Pro...even PowerPoint and Publisher sometimes. But the main ones are PS and Fireworks. And your sig....mmmmm....not seeing you using it, so tell me what you want and I will try my best for you! I am so very sorry, I have been busy with guests and sick kids. I also had to reinstall Vista this morning and though I thought I had everything transferred to my external, it wasn't the case. I lost many things including the siggys you made and parameters to my fractals. I think I will be able to recover them, but it may take time. Freeware is a love-hate relationship ...
  3. When I hit a block fractaling or creating landscapes, I will pick up my camera and hike some of my favorite places. We have some beautiful places here, and I never fail to find something incredible to shoot. So here are a few of my favorites ...
  4. @ TheBull ... I think your siggy is awesome as well! And the ones you made for me were incredible, thank you ... What programs are you using?
  5. Yeah, that is one of my more popular ones. I like the gradients a lot, but I mix my own colors so I know that they will be what I am looking for.
  6. Thank you Night Hawk ... Here's one that took me three days ... Koi Pond
  7. This is my favorite form of art, Fractals. Here is the Wiki version of fractals if you want a true description ... http://en.wikipedia....iki/Fractal_art . I use many different programs to create them, but the two I use most are Apophysis (freeware) and Ultra Fractal. I use PhotoShop to add frames and my siggy and in the case of Tainted, I added cracks for an aged look. Hope you like them ... "Frosting" ... Apophysis 2.08 beta 2 "Suspended" ... Apophysis 2.08 3D Hack "Insanity" ... Ultra Fractal 5.01 "Tainted" ... Ultra Fractal 5.01 and PhotoShop
  8. Here's mine for the moment, it changes daily ...
  9. It was sudden, and I will have to get back to you with the system. I am having a hard time extracting info from her. She thinks she knows it all ...
  10. @ eyeCpc ... remember when I had the same problem earlier this year? It's the same thing. It won't boot to what it's being set at. Everything is disabled except for the CD drive. Settings doesn't even see the HD. @ caretaker ... i don't think the key can be found. the upgrade will have to be repurchased, won't it?
  11. Thanks everyone, glad to be here ...
  12. Purchased a PC with Vista Home Premium and later upgraded to Ultimate. Have the install disk for Home Premium but not for the upgrade. Now the PC won't see the hard drive and wants to boot from the floppy (there is none). Tried to set the Bios to boot from the CD Drive but no luck. Is there a problem with the hard drive? Is there something I can do to recover what is on the hard drive? Thanks, Kabu
  13. Thank you my friend ...
  14. Just wanted to say hello ... I live in Colorado and am a fractal artist. Knowing that Windows 7 will be taking over, I want to learn all about it before I make the switch. So I will probably be looking around and asking loads of questions before I make the leap ... Kabu