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  1. That doesn't really help. I'm not looking for anything mac-specific, I'm looking for a (presumably third-party) program that do for me what mac did natively. And that iirc is read any highlighted text regardless of what program the text appears in. Ideally this could be done with a keyboard shortcut, but I'd settled for right click and select the option. No knowledge of mac is needed to know if something like that exists for windows.
  2. Hi, I recently made the switch from Mac to Windows. The one feature I really miss from Mac is the ability to highlight text in any program, hit a shortcut and have it read to you. I know various programs have their own text-to-speech options, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that could do this for any text in any program. Thanks. *And yes, I know microsoft narrator is a thing, but it reads EVERYTHING: the name of the window you're in, every command you enter and much more.
  3. I wasn't asking about how to undo a specific registry edit, but how to undo them in general. Obviously, I had a specific issue in mind, but I've got that sorted.
  4. I have a problem and I've been told I can fix this by adding a dword and value to the registry. I'm hesitant to do this unless I know I can undo it in case it doesn't work. Would I need to do anything more than simply delete the added dword? If so, can you say what our does it vary depending on what is being altered? Thanks