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  1. My sincerest appreciation for your kind comments and the wishes extended towards me and my forums. I hope to get a bit more involved here again too.
  2. Guys, please don't look at things like icons etc. Look at the theme itself, frames, and so on. The icons are the icons I use, it won't come with the theme. As I said, it is still far from finished.
  3. lol....I promise you guys, I am working on it....just takes time. Here are 2 screenshots of what I have up to now. Still heaps to do, but you will get an idea.
  4. lol old or what man?? JK..... I will do it how you want mate! I will update here later again, need to get some sleep first!
  5. OK, I am busy with the startmenu. This is what I've got so far. The Placelist on the right is fully transparent, just looks a bit green on the screenshot because I am testing on WSB. I am also doing it with a floating userpic. What ya think??
  6. For sure mate. I will never do a theme without wallpapers!
  7. problem. OK, I am off for now. Will update as I go.
  8. It will be a complete theme for Windows 7. Based entirely on this website. It will include all your logo's and gradients for the frames, etc. Why? Are you guys not interested in that?
  9. OK guys I think I've got all I need to get started. It will take a couple of days, but I will post back here with updated on progress. O, would you like the theme to have light explorer windows or dark, to work with fullglass.exe??
  10. Thanks for that mate!! Much obliged!! +1 EDIT: Tried to give you a + let me. Dunno if that is the same as giving you rep!
  11. Cool! Well I will need your logo's firstly, and maybe some of the images from your WF style you use for the forum itself. I can use those for the frames etc. Get me those so long, and then I will get working on it!
  12. Yep, it is looking real impressive mate. Good job you guys did. And to get back to the theme, have a look at the themes I have designed already. I am sure I can come up with something great for this awesome forum! TheBull's Custom Themes Hope it is OK to put the link in here?
  13. I am not sure if you guys would be interested in this, but I thought I'd place it on the table. If you are interested I will design a complete Visual Style for WindowsForums. It will be all WindowsForums! I will even through in some custom gadgets like a CPU, clock, and Hard-drive monitoring gadgets with the WF's logo's and colors. Well let me know what you guys think, and give me your suggestions and requirements, and I will get on it. Regards, Pierre