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  1. The .zip file worked on Google chrome with Win ace but I am uploading the .rar file Now Is it fixed? Windows 7 Registry Pack .rar
  2. Ok I am now fixing the .zip file and It should be changed soon
  3. Twitter:@Windows_Geek Using the New Aero Features
  4. The .zip File was made using Winace and It may well work on It, any other problems just ask!
  5. Twitter:@Windows_Geek Windows 7 Registry Windows 7 Registry Pack .rar
  6. 32-bit version And it Isnt the Beta Version It is the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate EDIT: I think that it is build 7000 but Im not too sure
  7. Hello there I have just Joined and Is raring to give help I have had 11 years of windows and can program at a intermediate level. I am 12 by the way! I have attached my Windows 7 Desktop: