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  1. Have you updated this gadget benna ?
  2. Yes i know that
  3. Welcome here at wf enjoy your stay
  4. yeah thats right . Well i was the first poster in achievements board cool
  5. Welcome here at wf
  6. I am using logitech webcam and i highly recommend it for you
  7. So whats the conclusion which webbrowser should we use
  8. Yes i will try my best to do that . This is my learning age
  9. I reached 200 posts today i am feeling so emotional and my next target 300 posts
  10. I think the best option is logitech webcams they are the best
  11. It seems that these browsers are based on the idea of safari and internet explorer
  12. I am very glad another wf member with windows 7 enjoy your stay here
  13. why is my reputation -1

  14. okay i am having problem with firefox and chrom text size it is too small whenever i zoom it it appears fine on that page only but on other pages in again appears small
  15. means i thought hat probably the reply i made to the user was not right but when he replied back and said yes it can be donw with netsend commant then i saidthat i was right