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  1. What happens if you open a command prompt and type these and hit enter after each? ping ping ping google.com
  2. None of the photos have been made hidden have they? or Stored on another partition? What happens when you plug the drive into a different machine, is it still the same issue?
  3. Dead simple, just add the new server to your current domain, promote it to a DC and then move all the services, DHCP, Fil Shares etc over to the new one, DFS might be worth looking into for file replication over to the new one. Then shut the old machine down, dont remove it just yet, once you have made sure that everything is working as planned, DNS etc you can run dcpromo on the old one to remove it as a DC and then remove it from the domain.
  4. I'd never recommend using any software based routing, especially when you want to start having VPN's etc coming into server, what kind of budget are you looking at should you need to order in a hardware router?
  5. Almost forgot about this forum, suppose I better hang around here more often I tried out Windows 8 the other day, dont think i'll be rolling that out in the office any time soon, it was a hell of a transition moving them from XP to 7
  6. Doesn the erase nvram do the same thing as erasing the startup config? Problem here is I cant get into exec mode because of the password protections.
  7. I leave all the updates set to manual so I have to tell it when to download and install them, the servers are always kept up to date and generally update them every weekend when there is no one signed in or using resources, might have to let it be for a while. Cheers
  8. I have a router that has been sitting in out workshop for a while now which was taken off a boat a while ago, it is a: 2800 Series router that has been configured with the no service password-recovery command and I am wondering if anyone know how to clear the startup config of this thing so that it can actually be used again. Again its not a major as this thing has been down there for a good year and a bit now but it would be nice to use to test a few set-ups on internally. Cheers Guys
  9. Thats just it, it doesnt show any messages at all except for the one that is shown after you restart your computer claiming that the SP1 update is now installed. Yet computer properties does not show it installed and it also still shows in Windows Update.
  10. What happens when you try the disk in another computer?
  11. I have 4 Windows Servers running at the moment and so far have updated 3 out of the 4 up to Service Pack 1. All the servers are Server 2008R2 Enterprise and for some reason the third one which is also the exchange server will not update to SP1. I have tried doing this through Windows Update, Downloading the Entire SP1 file (which is what I normally do and just transfer it between servers) It finishes the installation and restarts with all the configure Service Pack etc and then when it reboots, it tells me the SP1 was installed, yet it doesnt Show in computer properties and it also offers to install it again through Windows Update. Its confusing and annoying me, there isnt much opening for Exchange Server downtimes, late night weekends mostly so any advice here would be great Cheers Justin
  12. Any chance of a little bit more info on what you're trying to do?
  13. Try formatting the hard disk first and then the option to install XP should become available, the installer has probably picked up that you are using a newer version of Windows and won't let you install an older one.
  14. Im just a sucker for eye candy
  15. Hiya and welcome, What kind of hardware are you running with XP? I've used everything up from 95 and I still think Windows 7 is by far the best, tbh I never had a problem with Vista either it was just people that didn't have the hardware needed to run it that had hug problems with it But hey thats just me, im a Macman