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  1. So.... contact Toshiba, and get the recovery disk?
  2. I have a Toshiba Satelite C655D-S5041 (Yes, this is another question about the same computer). I would really like to upgrade the CPU and the GPU, would it be possible to get a better upgrade, if so how, and where do I get the parts? Thanks!
  3. So, can I use the systme restore disk that you can create with Windows to reinstall it, and format it. Or will I just need to download and trial of Windows 7 Home Premium, burn it to a DVD, install it using the key on the bottom of the laptop?
  4. I have an OEM registered copy of Windows 7 Home Premium (64-Bit). Is it possible with any utility, etc. To format the hard drive and run a clean install of Windows from that?
  5. Thanks I'm going to email customer service later, after Portal 2 of course.
  6. I am planning to upgrade my Toshiba C655D- S5041 to 8Gb of RAM, a 1TB Toshiba hard drive, and to Windows 7 Professional 64- Bit. I was wondering if I could also upgrade the CPU and GPU to a better model. If so, how do I perform the upgrade and which model of the the CPU/ GPU do I purchase? Thanks for the help in advance! I hope to hear back soon! :smileyhappy: Thanks, Nick Kourpias
  7. Thanks, I've been looking into the settings in Windows and I can't figure out how to change when the O.S. syncs up with the time server.
  8. My computer is not keeping the time correctly. I know this because my Twitter client, Tweetdeck, requires the most accurate time possible in order to connect to FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Since this is happening Tweetdeck refuses to receive any info, again from FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Now, again I'm using a laptop so I will need a guide on how to replace anything hardware-wise. Or if there is a way I can have my computer synch up with the more reguarly. My system specs are: Toshiba C655D AMD Turion 64-Bit Processor Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit 2Gb of RAM ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4280 Please Help!
  9. So pretty much just get used to it? I guess that will be fine. It should speed up my system for the better. Maybe New Vegas will stop crashing (or maybe thats just because of the mods Thanks for the help, As always, Nickkourpias
  10. I wanted to be able to run LogMeIn on my computer. The last time I tried to run it, it took away my Windows Aero (Which led to my first post on the Windows Forums). So now I come back to ask if this is possible. Also if there is any 3rd Party Applications that may do this. Thanks in Advance, Nickkourpias
  11. I meant the mobile apps that you would put on a flash drive to transfer from computer to computer.
  12. I've decided to re-purpose my old laptop into a new Ubuntu Server for my house. I have some ideas for what to do with it, but not sure. So I decided to ask the windows forums opinion. My idea would be a file server for small backups. But I am absolutely sure that you guys can come up with something more creative than that. Please help me I need a purpose for this Linux box. Also if anyone knows of any server O.S.'s other than 'puppy linux'. Thanks in Advance, Nickkourpias
  13. For attaining the Games on Demand ware you would need that would be found at Games for Windows — LIVE Software Download You have to sign in or signup there however for a gaming tag. In fact I just the other day saw an ad for running X-Box games on an Android phone. That is reason for MS now gearing the next version for gaming more so before pc gaming is lost. Okay thanks for the help.
  14. I have been thinking recently about Windows Vista. Now, if I recall correctly Windows Vista was supposed to have X-Box Live support built in. Now also if I remember correctly it never got that. Now with the X-Box Live it was supposed to have the ability to play against X-Box/PC games together. Now I know that you can get a X-Box Live avatar widget and other things like that for the side-bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because not sure about this so please feel free to educate me on what I said wrong. Thanks for reading, Nickkourpias
  15. I think we need to know how much space you have on your netbooks hard drive before we can do anything to help you.