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Just got a Macbook 12" with 1.3Ghz recently as my travel + light work machine. I'd like to hook it up to an external display, preferably 25" above.

Any suggestions as to what might be the best panel out there? Dell U2515 seems to be decent. Anyone with expertise on this? 


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Actually for replacing the original dual monitor setup here having had a pair of Acer 19" I went for a pair of Asus 20" I found I like even more. If you are not going to be gaming or have some other need for high end resolutions you can find a good selection of 20", 21.3", 22", 23.8", etc. lcds to pick through. Acer is still good of course as well as Asus, LG, AOC, etc.

It will depend on your price range as well since gaming monitors which typically have the more fussy details will run 2-3 times more pricewise then a typical 2K monitor. Prehaps the best thing is to look over what one vendor carries since they generally have a good selection of brands, types, and good information to give you an idea of what is available. Checking off one filter 23" to 26" to narrow things down a little you can choose other filters like Manufacturer, Recommended Resolutions, Response Time which is a factor often enough, Contrast Ratio, Widescreen most go with now anyways, HDMI, Display port, etc. Check them out at  LCD/LED Monitors


Another thing you may want to review at this time is seen at:  LED vs LCD Monitors – The Difference Between LED and LCD

In fact these days even lcd tvs can be used as pc monitors! A friend hooks his HP laptop upto one when not watching a show or movie.

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