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Strider Mountain HL2 game mod turned Zombie Fest Part1

Published on Oct 17, 2015

Being the largest found to date for 3rd party developer game mods based on the Steam Driven Half Life 2 sequel to the 1990s original Half Life poses some interesting problems once you start adding a mountain full of zombies to cope with. This one had to be split up into 8 parts for seeing all 16 game levels which include a bonus game map once the game itself is completed in the original form that is before custom game saves are seen where zombies are suddenly abundant?

The general concept as you watch is how to intensify the difficulty levels at times by adding in more of the unexpected type of bad guys to pose as additional obstacles when not killing off the combine during the set up process that is! Sometimes to get the right number of zombies the Combines have to suffer. oops!

As of late this particular HL2 mod got noticed from being posted at YouTube and got some other news as well as the initial inquiry made by the mod's own creator himself.
Having been busy with Windows 10 Windows Insider Preview builds as well as other things I apparently missed the small notification icon on the YouTube page until going to look at some other unrelated clips.
SPYmaps Leon Brinkmann
Hi, i was just fooling around and suddenly noticed this Zombie Fest mod version of my Strider Mountain mod that i made in 2006 i believe. Just curious, did you implement all these zombies in my maps or is there some coding in the zombie fest mod that places zombies everywere possible? Just curious, other then that, great fun to watch! Leon 
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