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Name Your Favorites! Linux Distributions that is!

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Name Your Favorite Linux Distribution(s)!


For some the thought of Linux has been the reputition of being the "Geek's OS" while many of us know that the Open Source community has seen a lot of successes over the years including things like "Wine" which allows Windows apps to run on many Linux distributions but not all. It is also a known fact that while booted live from removable media or even a usb flash drive prepared to run Linux live from usb that you can easily access MS volumes for things like data recovery.

Speaking of that one of the first distributions tried here many years back was a Debain based flavor known a Knoppix live for dvd. That particular distro larger in size then Gentoo, Mephis, ubuntu, and some other smaller size releases could only be run live never seeing any install to drive options. Of course that was made up for many times over by other distros also being able to run live like your typical ubuntu cd or Linux Mint distribution also able to recover files from a Windows machine that isn't running.

The other commonly known fact is that due to the smaller size many distros can be run on the same system with physical installs to drives seen. But will all this there has to be one favorite "Flavor of the Month" distribution each user will have as far as  the Linux OS itself is concerned.Feel free to post your own on the thread here! I went from Knoppix to ubuntu trying out Gentoo and Mephis and eventually elected Linux Mint Debian as the favored release with some 200 plus prepackaged software options.

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