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Hello, all.

I have an ASUS K60I Laptop running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

There, now that all that information is out of the way, let me explain the real problem.

We all have desktop settings. Whether it's the backgound picture you want or if you want the TaskBar shown or hidden at the bottom of your screen.

Whenever I either plug in my laptop to it's charger, or unplug it, each of these settings are restored. My background goes to default, and I have to manually make my taskbar stay open everytime. It's getting very aggravating to have to continually do these things over and over again.

Anybody have any idea why this is happening and how I can make my settings STAY?

Thank you<3

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Hello Elegiacxiii Welcome to the WindowsForums!

How long would you say have you've been seeing this problem? A few days, weeks, or even over a month or two? Have you installed anything new lately before the problem was first seen?

Those are some generalized questions in order to get some idea on what could be the actual cause besides having a corrupted Windows install if you were to start seeing all types of errors. These settings are still controlled through the system registry where a number of things could be a cause.

If the problem has just started in the last few weeks due to a new program or update going on you would have a few immediate options to try out. The first would be the use of the System Restore feature to roll things back as far as the registry is concerned before the problem first appeared.

The second option involves the use of the System File Checker tool included in each version of Windows since the old Legacy version Windows 98. You simply go to the Start>Run command line and type in "sfc /scannow" without quotes to start the verification tool that checks all main system files as well as replacing any found damaged or missing.

With that you may be prompted for a recovery disk if the tool determines it needs to unpack some replacements from the media. With just about all new laptops as well as premade desktops the lack of having any recovery media included is due to the preprogrammed full restore option seen when first turning the system on. Often a utility for creating a recovery disk is either part of the software package or available at the manufacturer's support site.

Besides the option for burning a repair cd found in Windows 7's Control Panel>Backup & Restore section you can download the iso disk image and burn it to a cd-r from Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs Note the repair images there are for the live repair tools only not for any more serious repairs or full restore of the preinstalled Windows on your laptop.

When right clicking on the taskbar to bring up the properties screen make sure you are clicking the apply button as well as unchecking the box for the autohide taskbar! It won't help any if you forget that one! smile.png



The problem with the background photo or wallpaper could be with a particular file rather then a Windows glitch if you had simply forgot to click the apply button for the taskbar. Sometimes you'll run into an image file that simply won't take being corrupted in some way needing to be dumped and replaced.

These are the initial items to look at there. Give the System File Checker a run as well as consider using a restore point as the other option for a minor repair if still found needed and if this had only just started lately. After so long any restore points for reversing this will have been deleted and replaced by new ones.

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