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I have a new HP G7 laptop and upgraded to Win 8 Pro. My DVD player has quit working. It says now:

hp DVD RW AD-7760H SATA CdRom Device

Device type: DVD/CD-ROM drives

Manufactuer: (standard CD-ROM drives)

Location: Bus Number 1. Target Id 0. LUN 0

Driver Status:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

{Unable to Load Device Driver}

%hs device driver could not be loaded.

Error Status was 0x%x

I have tried to update the driver but it says: the best driver is already installed. I can NOT use the DVD drive at all for even cd's.

I called HP for support and they want $200 for support??? Hu? on a new laptop? Wo. Yes, Hp has lost all my business now and no reference from me but BAD service.

Any help appreciated.


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Hello Bray Welcome to the WindowsForums!

The main problem you are going to continue to run into as far as Windows 8 is concerned is that there are no Win 8 drivers to find for that particular model series! That was the immediate disadvantage of not looking up the drivers available before making any OS change which a growing number of people are finding out unfortunately the hard way.

I can't put it any other way as far as being straight forward with the facts. When each new version of Windows arrives only the latest new OEM machines will see support. Those will come with the latest version preinstalled. For upgrading anything with a previous version of Windows on it looking to see if the newer version's drivers are available is the first step.

The reason for the "best driver already installed" message is due to that being the only latest version of the driver written for Windows 7 which came preinstalled. Unlike the closeness in compatibility allowing a much smoother upgrade from Vista to 7 on the same hardwares where 7 did see much more support from the start Windows 8 will be another slow boat.

For Vista many 3rd party sources took a year if not longer to finally release drivers for things like expansion cards and other devices once Vista had been out for some time. They were more or less forced to do that since they still wanted to be able to sell the same product lines to Vista users. Likewise this sounds all too familiar with Win 8 too.

The Golden Rule to follow first for anyone planning to upgrade the version of Windows on any machine OEM or custom built is to first to see what support is acutally out there before making any changes. I still havien't been finding drivers for 8 for the hardwares here other then the video card. For the AMD/ATI example that would be the Catalyst 12.10 now available. For the Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer model sound card Creative still only has a beta driver listed at their support site and that listed as Late Dec. 2012!

Besides being driver related you also have to start looking at the registry as having a problem following the upgrade where the Code 39 is most commonly caused from and not just on Windows 8 either. The instructions besides a restore point since you likely don't have one quite yet is looking over the instructions for how to go about correcting the actual problem is found at How To Fix Code 39 Errors

The page there will have a few links for other pages for individual sets of instructions for each step you would need to take. Hopefully this will clear the problem up for you after the first try.

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Thanks for the welcome//// Happy Holidays to you and all.

I have great news... I have found the problems solution. It was a program I had installed: Arcsoft Media made the problem.

I un-installed it and all works fine now. Whew.

On the Microsoft Win 8 forums, I read that arcsoft software can cause this DVD driver, there ya go. It had reset the SATA port and it was conflicting as I understand it, I am no expert but hey my dvd works now..............YES!

PS> a free X-Mas present from me to all... my art magazine

Thank you for your time


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I actually found it hard to believe it was any driver error except for a possible bad install of Windows since optical drives even sata models are simply Plug'n'Play with each version already including generic drivers. I could see that more on one of tte old Legacy 9x to ME or 2000 versions however where otten you booted from floppy and selected the start with cd rom support option being for the initial set up.

The information on what you found to be the cause however will be good to know and remain as a reference. On a few occasions I have run into cd or dvd rom options for different media and burning programs that caused things to hang at times until you removed an additional optical option when going to look at a new program.

Glad you were able to find the solution for this promptly just the same. That will bring in a sparkle for the holidays! 143.gif

Thanks for the look! I had to correct the link for you however. I think some people over at the deviantart site would be interested in the covers and may even want to work some up for you. 326.gif

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